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Where to Custom Outdoor Signage, Billboard & Neon Box in Bali (2020)

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They are more than just a sign – a box where your logo in there. They can be used as brand awareness branding. The question is where to custom outdoor signage, billboard, & neon box in Bali? Well, here’s the complete guide!

Custom Outdoor Signage, Billboard & Neon Box

Well if you are here looking to find where the best printing service in Bali that can do custom outdoor signage, billboard, & neon box then you already at the right place.

At MK Printing Bali we offer a free consultation and we give free quotes based on the request and design of your outdoor signage, billboard, & neon box.

Without further a due, you can get to our Free Consultation page and here are some of our works.

Well now, let’s talk about the function of the signage, billboard, and neon box.

Outdoor Signage

Well, a sign is as important as the name. A business – physical business – without an signage will get low CTR or bad impressions.

Imagine finding a business on Google Maps but you couldn’t get to the right place because the business doesn’t have the sign. That’s the frustration you customers could get if you don’t have an outdoor signage.

Apart from that, they can be used as psychological branding effects to nearby – those who drive-by your business. Especially with an eye-catching design, attractive signage.

Types of Outdoor Signage

So what are the types of the signage?

  1. Billboard.
  2. Neonbox. For business sign, a neon / lightning inside the signage.
  3. Wallsign.
  4. Hanging sign.
  5. Blade sign.
  6. Channel letters.
  7. Monument Signs

What for?

Apart from being the sign for physical business, they can be used for events, tradeshows, and conferences signage.

These things are best because they are:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Efficient
  3. Can be personalized/customized
  4. Professionalism.

The last point is what makes it important because a business needs a statement. And with these things, that statement can be very clear.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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