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Looking Back at Traditional Marketing: Should You Invest More on Traditional Marketing?

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In this digital terms, let see who know about traditional marketing? Well, traditional marketing is once what you see on Television. It’s still working to these days, but there are some arguments why traditional marketing is way of the past. Here we’ll take a look at that argument and learn why it is still important.

What is traditional marketing?

Have you ever seen an advertisement on television? Have you ever seen a billboard on the side of the road? If the answer is yes, then you have seen a form of traditional marketing. But what is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing commits to a form of promotion that reaches an offline audience. Companies use marketing channels such as print, broadcast, telemarketing, or direct mail to engage their audience and expand their reach. Companies that invest in traditional advertising spend a lot of time and creativity putting together successful marketing campaigns that generate huge revenue.

Although traditional marketing has been eclipsed by digital marketing in many activities, it is still effective in improving your brand. In addition, traditional marketing presents an opportunity to reach a wide audience in a way that digital marketing cannot.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has several benefits that you can get for your business. Some of these benefits are:

Connect with local audiences

Traditional marketing performs an important role in reaching out to local communities and interacting with customers in person. Today’s consumers rely on relationships more than ever. They will choose a business that suits their interests regarding their well-being and life.

The existence of continuous promotional materials

One of the problems of digital marketing is that you need to provide an ongoing stream of promotional materials to keep your audience’s attention. For some companies, this can be a daily task. They can post two to three times on social media, create a new daily video or email three or four times a week.

Traditional marketing methods are more sustainable and will leave a longer impression on your audience. You can get more space from the same TV ads, flyers, business cards, or brochures. Therefore, you don’t need to provide new material as often as possible to promote your product or service.

Build credibility

Traditional marketing provides companies more credibility than online marketing. Digital marketing will reach more people; However, it does not always present a reliable or established company.

Printed materials and advertisements on larger media are often viewed as more accurate. One reason for this is the association of traditional marketing with established media and larger budgets. A company that can place advertisements in magazines or advertisements on television and radio, must have the financial means to do so.

Be able to reach a diverse audience

Proponents of digital marketing often point out that digital marketing enables you to target and track your audience. Promotional materials can be improved when you collect hard data from your social media, email campaigns, or website.

Using Hard Copy Marketing Materials Can Be Easier to Process

Hard copy marketing materials that is well printed can be more easily processed and perform better in terms of brand recall. Direct mail takes less time than email. Brochures may be easier to skim through than white papers or websites. A 30-second ad on TV may be easier to digest than a three-minute YouTube video.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

In short, traditional marketing is more towards any type of offline marketing. It is like print, broadcast, direct mail, telephone, and outdoor advertising like billboards. From newspapers to radio, these marketing methods will help reach a targeted audience. Traditional marketing plays an important role in reaching a local audience. Ads can be stored for a long period of time if they are physical. Plus, some audiences are easier to reach through traditional marketing than online marketing.

Meanwhile, digital marketing is the marketing of anything a company does online, such as paid social media advertising, email marketing, and PPC advertising. Digital marketing has become very familiar due to the cultural, technological, and social shifts around us. Today, digital marketing is very important for businesses. It has become routine for consumers to do their research and make purchases online.

Should you invest more on traditional marketing?

For a business that is selling the brand, traditional marketing is a must! Why it is sometime more expensive and hard to track. Traditional marketing brings something digital marketing couldn’t.

That is, brand image. A strong brand image and presence on society, or your target market community, will have an ongoing impact to your brand, thus gain more revenue.

That fact, is also supported by the way big business are doing. Why the ads on football matches can be million of dollars, and why there are business still doing printed advertising with “eco friendly” terms, are just two of many reasons traditional marketing still works.

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