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The Most Popular Types of Spunbond

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Having previously known what spunbond is, we discuss the meaning and advantages of using a spunbond bag. So this time we will discuss the types of popular spunbond bags.

Spunbond bags themselves do have various types, and the types can also be distinguished from the type of handle, printing method, and others. Check out more detailed information below.

Spunbond Bags By Handle Type

In general, there are 2 types of spunbond bags that are distinguished by the type of handle. Namely oval grip type and rope grip type. The difference is if the type of handle is oval like it’s still part of a spunbond bag and is hollowed out in an oval shape, while for the type of strap grip, it’s like a rope that is sewn or attached to the front and back of the spunbond bag. Both of course have advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, if a bag with an oval handle is more fashionable, or if a spunbond bag with a strap handle has more volume.

Spunbond Bags Based on Finishing Type

In the garment industry, generally there are 2 types of finishing, namely pressing and sewing. Usually, spunbond bags with economical options use a pressed finishing technique, while spunbond bags with sewing finishing are used for exclusive spunbond options.

Spunbond Bags by Printing Method

For spunbond bags, there are 2 printing methods, namely the first printing using the screen printing method and printing using the offset method. For the offset method, the resulting color is better, making it suitable for spunbond printing with full color designs.

At Printing Bali, you can choose various kinds of spunbond bags with different methods. Starting from plain spunbond bags with oval handles and straps, printed spunbond bags with oval handles and straps and using a press finish, then there are printed spunbond bags with the screen printing method using rope handles and with sewing finishing, as well as premium spunbond bags with offset print strap handles. and sewing finishing.

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