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A Guide to Custom Stubby Holders in Bali (2020)

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Whether you already know about stubby holders or you are looking for a promotion media for your business. Then you are at the right place. Now we will talk about a guide to custom stubby holders in Bali.

What is a Stubby Holder?

Stubby holder is an Australian term for a sleever or cylinder designed to insulate a bevereage from external heat. A cooler kind of thing.

Outside of Australia, it is called can coolers, coolers, or in the US it is called as koozies. Same thing, different names.

For the sake of this article, we will called it Stubby holders. (Read: we are targeting Australian Markets atm)

What’s the benefit of custom stubby holders?

Just like any printed promotional medias, stubby holders can be great for brand awareness goal. It’s great for the goal because the usability. People will use it most of the time for keeping their beverage cold.

And most importang thing is whether you’re creating unique wedding souvenirs, gifts for guests at a party or promoting your business identity at an outdoor event, this versatile product creates positive associations that last.

For hospitalism industry, stubby holder is a must item on your restaurant/cafe because they reduce condensation on the can and keep drinks colder for longer.

Where to custom stubby holders in Bali?

At MK Printing Bali we offer personalised and custom stubby holders for all line of businesses.

Our custom stubby holders are available in all shapes and sizes. Print your logo or photo on high quality stubby holders.

Our stubby holders are cut, printed, and assembled in Bali with high quality materials.

We focus on the production and sale of custom stubby holders that can be used for various needs, especially for the needs of entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants, and others.

We offer free consultation for you to start personalizing your own custom stubby holders. And yes! We do ship worldwide!

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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