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Get to Know More About Eco-friendly Shopping Bags

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For the Bali area, plastic bags are no longer allowed to be used, therefore, instead, both retail entrepreneurs and the public must use environmentally friendly shopping bags. This eco-friendly shopping bag is a shopping bag made from materials that can be recycled.

The limited use of plastic is because plastic is difficult to decompose, so it can pollute the environment, whereas if you use a paper-based shopping bag, it can be recycled and the decomposition process is faster than plastic.

The material commonly used for this eco-friendly shopping bag is brown kraft, a paper-based material. Kraft paper is paper that is produced from chemical pulp through a chemical process called the kraft process. This process produces pulp or paper that is stronger than other papers. If the paper is not bleached or bleached, the color will remain brown. This kraft paper is known for its strong and durable qualities.

Eco bags or eco-friendly shopping bags can be a lifesaver when you make sudden shopping trips. If you bring your own eco bag, you can save your shopping budget. Eco bags come in many types. There are tote bags, cooler bags, and bag models that can be installed in supermarket baskets. Choose the right type of eco bag so that shopping at the supermarket becomes easier and more fun.

The design of this eco friendly bag is no less diverse. You can choose your favorite eco bag motif and color. By buying an eco bag from a quality brand, you can also get many advantages in terms of design. What if you still don’t know anything about eco bags? This is the perfect moment to find out!

Folding shopping bag

The foldable bag model is recommended if you are looking for an eco bag model that is easy to store in your bag. These folding shopping bags are usually made of nylon or polyester so they are easy to fold into a pouch. This eco bag can be taken at any time while working, studying, even camping because it is not easy to get dirty and is waterproof. Folding eco bags are also generally sold at affordable prices.

The folding eco bag is designed to be light and compact so that it can be easily stored in a purse or daily bag. You can bring a few extra foldable bags when you’re shopping big. However, this eco bag may feel inconvenient because it has to be folded back after use. Therefore, make sure the eco bag is easy to fold.

In addition, because it is usually made of thin material, this bag is easily torn when used to carry heavy items. So, be careful when carrying groceries in large and heavy quantities. This bag is more suitable for impromptu shopping in the middle of a trip with a small amount of shopping.

Tote bag

Are you looking for a type of eco bag that can be used for everyday purposes? The answer is the type of tote bag. This type looks casual so it can be used to hang out and store everything that you will bring home. Some tote bag models can also be folded small, aka foldable tote bags.

Eco bag model tote bag is more durable because it is made of canvas material. Your shoulders will not hurt even if you carry a lot of things with the canvas handle. Even so, pay extra attention to water and stains. Separate raw food in small eco-friendly plastic bags so as not to contaminate the inside of the tote bag.

You can custom tote bag in Bali with more design, colors, and styling according to your needs.


The basket model is suitable for shopping in large quantities, such as shopping for family needs, in supermarkets. Choose a large, wide-capacity basket at the bottom to minimize the risk of spilled drinks or overfilled groceries.

The use of this eco bag is very practical. You just put it in the basket or supermarket trolley, then put your groceries into it. After paying at the cashier, you don’t have to bother putting your groceries one by one into the shopping bag from the supermarket. Just take it with you and take this eco bag basket!

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