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Get to Know 3 Types of Shopping Paper Bags and Their Uses

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Single-use plastic shopping bags have been used for wrapping and packaging for many years, but unfortunately, single-use plastic bags have a bad effect on the environment. Single-use plastic bag materials will decompose in hundreds or even thousands of years, and if they are disposed of carelessly, they can damage ecosystems in rivers and seas. It’s one of many reasons why you should move to eco-friendly bag.

In Indonesia, Bali has banned the use of single-use plastic bags since 2019 and recently followed by DKI Jakarta as of July 1, 2020 to support eco-friendly awareness.

As an alternative to plastic bags, you can use shopping eco-friendly paper bags. Shopping paper bag is a packaging material that uses paper as a raw material, so it is more environmentally friendly when compared to single-use plastic bags. Shopping paper bags can be customized with company logos and attractive designs so that they strengthen your business branding.

There are 3 types of shopping paper bags based on uses and materials, namely:

Shopping Bag Standard

The standard shopping bag is made of quality Art Carton material for full color design prints and has a handle from a rope. This type of shopping paper bag is suitable for use as packaging for clothing and shoe products with a simple but thick appearance.

Shopping Bag Premium

The premium shopping bag is made of the exclusive and more sturdy White Kraft material, and is available in a choice of strap handles and twist straps. With an elegant appearance, this shopping paper bag is suitable for packaging luxury products such as jewelry and watches.

Brown Shopping Bag

Made of environmentally friendly Brown Kraft material and suitable for printing simple/minimalist designs, chocolate shopping bags are generally used as food and beverage product packaging due to their food grade nature.

Now, after knowing the various types of shopping paper bags and their uses, now you can determine which paper bag is suitable for your needs. Print quality custom paper bags only at MK Printing Bali! Made of quality materials and can be ordered online easily and quickly. What are you waiting for, let’s contribute to the reduction of plastic bags and replace your packaging with eco-friendly shopping paper bags.

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