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4 Things You Can Get With Craft Paper Materials

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Kraft paper is no stranger to the ear. There are many people who are starting to switch to using this type of paper for use as packaging. Not only that, there are many more that can be used from the basic ingredients of kraft paper. Like some examples of packaging and business equipment with kraft paper.

Food Packaging

The existence of packaged food is increasingly prevalent, making businesses look for food boxes that are easy to obtain and environmentally friendly. Until finally they decided to use rice boxes made from kraft paper. Unlike packaging in general, this type of packaging is covered in plastic which can hold oil or water when the food is packaged. There are many size options if you want to have a box of rice like this.

Kraft Paper Cup

Paper cups are also used more often to serve as drink containers in some cafes today. the materials used are also safe for drinks, not leaky and heat resistant. It is suitable for use as a hot drink packaging container such as coffee, tea, and others. This type of packaging has various sizes that can be adjusted to the needs. There are even various forms for soup containers such as soup. You can find them easily, you can even order them online and with custom designs.

Thank You Card

To make it even more interesting, you can use this kraft paper as a thank you card. Select the design you want to use. When packaging and thank you cards use a similar design, it will add a unique impression to the product. Because it can be said that it is still rare for people to use packaging and thank you cards made from kraft paper.

Accessories Box

It turns out that kraft paper can be used for accessories packaging as well. It will even look more attractive and unique when accessories or jewelry are packaged in kraft paper like this. To add a classic impression, you can add stamps with product logos and slogans. Choose the right stamp color for best results.

There are many more things that can be produced from this kraft paper. as food packaging, greeting cards, or even wedding invitation cards. There’s nothing wrong if you want to use kraft paper for packaging. You can consult to MK Printing Bali directly via our online form here.

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