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7 Souvenirs Tips For Seminars and Workshops

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Souvenirs are one of the mandatory items in every event, such as workshops, seminars, or weddings. Since covid-19, some souvenirs used are cutlery, masks, or personal protective equipment. That’s a good thing, but We’ll tell you something very interesting. What if we make the souvenirs you’re going to use look interesting?

Souvenirs at the event cannot be chosen carelessly. A good souvenir can reflect the company’s image. Therefore, you must attach importance to the functionality side and be full of prestige when choosing event souvenirs. Well, there are some interesting ideas that you can certainly use as a recommendation or benchmark in choosing or making your own souvenirs.

Goodie Bag

One of the souvenirs that are usually used is a goodie bag. Goodie bags will be very useful, as participants will use them in everyday life and can be a free marketing method by providing information or your company name.

To provide a special image for event participants, you can prepare a goodie bag that illustrates the nature of the company. For example, environmentally concerned companies can provide recycled goodie bags, while sports companies can give gym sacks or shaved bags.

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If the company will not give many souvenirs, you can give a pouch, instead of giving a goody bag. Because, goody bags have a smaller size, so you will be impressed to give a lot of souvenirs even though the quantity is not much. In addition, a goody bag with good materials will give a premium impression for the recipient.

Furthermore, pouches in the form of ‘large wallets’ can be used to store a variety of items such as cosmetic equipment, chargers, and others. Thus, pouches have diverse functions, and in terms of models are also trendy. Of course, event participants can use it every day.

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Notes and Pens

Notes and pens are souvenirs that must be given to participants of Seminars and Workshops. How not? This souvenir can be used to record the material described during the seminar. You can use this souvenir as a means to instill a company image in the minds of event participants. For example, hardcover notes to give the impression of premium, or recycled notes for environmentally friendly companies.

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Company Accessories

You can give company accessories such as t-shirts/polo shirts, lanyards, flash drives, or drinking bottles at seminars or workshops. Company accessories can also be a good way to promote your company.

The most important thing to remember when giving souvenirs is to display the company logo in each product, also instill the company’s brand identity in every souvenir design that will be given. Thus, the company’s brand identity can also stick in the memory of the recipient.

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The brochure is one of the souvenirs that are always in the goody bag. Because the brochure is one of the souvenirs that have a product knowledge function, so it can be a good promotional medium. Today, many companies create brochures for promotional fans so that they have more functional value. You can use cheap printing services to print brochures easily.

You can make a brochure that is quite unique such as making it look embossed, attractive design, and colors that are not too flashy. 

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The next souvenir seminar idea is Mug. This item is certainly very useful for the invitees. In addition, Mugs are also suitable for all audiences, be it students, to business people. You can write down or create unique caricatures that describe your company. This will help your company’s marketing and introduce the tone of business to the public.

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Pencil Case

This souvenir is usually given to students or students. In addition, you can also give it to teachers or lecturers. Of course, for the audience, this souvenir is very useful, because his daily activities carry stationery.

You can make an interesting pencil case in the form of a reel. The pencil case example below will make people interested and wear it in everyday life because it contains many places and is practical. And MK Printing Bali will help you in every printing for souvenirs in the framework of workshops, seminars, or a series of business events and other formal events.

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