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Different Between Doff Lamination & Glossy Lamination

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The following is an explanation of the difference between doff lamination and glossy lamination that can be adjusted to your printing needs. The world of printing is now growing further because of the large number of consumers who want to print something. Starting from printing wedding invitations, business cards, bookleats, leaflets, calendars and more. Everything can be made in printing from the ordinary to the luxurious.

Please note that lamination is a process of coating a thin sheet of paper or cardboard on both sides with a glossy or non-shiny effect. Printing something you usually find on paper that is glossy and also looks ordinary. This is influenced by the lamination used by the printing press.

There are two types of lamination that are often used in printing, namely glossy and doff lamination. Both are very different even from the prints alone and is used for final appearance of your printed materials you will be able to tell the difference between the two types of laminate.

Difference Between Glossy Lamination And Doff

After getting to understand about the difference of GSM paper for your printing needs, then next is to understand about the lamination. Why? Well, these two questions are always being asked from printing company to you.

So now you can find out the difference between glossy and doff lamination in this article.

Glossy Lamination

Glossy lamination produce glossy prints, because they reflect a lot of light. Glossy laminated paper surface produces a smooth surface so colors look bright and nice. Usually this glossy lamination can be used for making business cards, invitations, brochures, leaflets and posters. The resulting glossy impression makes the prints more luxurious and nice.

Glossy lamination is often found in printers that use printers to print photos. At the time of printing photos or anything, you should not indirectly hold it. The goal is that the printout is not damaged, because the glossy laminate is very vulnerable to fingers plus this laminate is easy to bend. You can hold it after letting it sit for a few minutes or put on gloves.

Doff Lamination

Doff lamination is also called Matte lamination. The opposite of glossy lamination is doff, the most prominent character is that it is a plain color and has no shimmer. The use of doff lamination aims to protect the injection printer results so that the images obtained are more durable. This type of laminate can be held as often as possible because there is no influence of fingerprints on the laminate.

This laminate can also be used for making business cards, booklets and wedding invitations. Although this lamination is not as luxurious as with glossy but still the print results are very good. If you use this type of lamination to print business cards, the card looks more exclusive and nice. That’s the specialty of doff lamination even though it’s simple but still produces a luxurious print.

What Needs To Know Before Choosing Glossy or Doff Lamination

There are procedures that must be considered when using glossy and doff lamination. The goal is that the prints are getting better and there are no flaws whatsoever. Here’s what you should know about using it:

  1. Glossy lamination used could be better when printing on 2 sides of the paper. The effect is glossy and the ink color looks very concentrated.
  2. When you decide to use a doff laminate, you have to limit it to envelopes, invitation photos. The purpose of using the laminate is so that the rough effect that is given can withstand scratches. In fact there is no light reflection at all on the printout.
  3. If you want to make a book cover, then use glossy lamination because glossy gives a bright effect on the print. If the job is like a business card, usually use a laminate with a doff type because it is easy to bend.
  4. Both will be coated using 2 sides cannot be joined using ordinary glue. There are 2 types of lamination that are often used, namely hot lamination (Thermal Lamination) or cold lamination (Cold Lamination).
  5. The use of glossy and doff lamination so that the results are good, must be adjusted to the type of printing product and its needs.

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