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The Important Role of Labels For Packaging

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Labels are objects that are very familiar, especially for industries that use packaging, especially label stickers. Packaging and labels are one unit, and printed label stickers are used to complete the packaging.

The definition of the label itself is a sheet of paper, plastic film, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to the container or product, on which is written or printed information or symbols about the product or goods. Information printed directly on the container or article may also be considered labeling.

The label on the packaging usually contains information in the form of the name or brand of the product, raw materials, additional ingredients in the composition, nutritional information, expiration date, product contents and legality information.

Product labels are one of the important factors for product branding. The existence of a label in a package makes an identity different from other competitors. With well-designed labels, we can provide information about the quality, brand, production code, composition, or logo of our company or product.

Because providing information about the product is very important, so that our consumers know what they are buying. The things that must be included on the label are the product name, composition, and net weight.

According to Kotler, the function of the label is to identify the product, determine the product class, describe who, when, the composition, and how to use the product. In addition, labels also promote products through attractive images or designs.

Label Type

In general, there are 4 types of labels based on their function, which are as follows:

  • Product label is part of the packaging of a product that contains information about the product or product sales.
  • Brand label is the brand name that is placed on the product packaging.
  • The level label identifies the quality of the product, this label can consist of letters, numbers or other methods to indicate the quality level of the product itself.
  • Descriptive labels describe the content, use and characteristics of the product. Labeling is a very important product element that deserves careful attention in order to attract consumers.

After knowing what labels are and what types of labels are, it turns out that packaging labels are very diverse. And that’s why labels are very important for product packaging. There are various types of label materials, for example label stickers, price tags, and others.

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