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Using Hang Tags to Increase Your Product Visibility

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Producing t-shirts that sell to consumers can sometimes be a challenge. The designers certainly compete with each other to make t-shirts with unique and creative designs as possible to make it a new trend. However, did you know that in order to become a more prominent brand, the things you need to pay attention to are outside of the t-shirt design?

There are several details apart from t-shirt design that can make your product and brand more refined, unique, and stand out among your competitors. One of them is the use of Hang Tags.

Hang Tag is a brand tag that depends on your t-shirt product. Hang Tags can be a unique way to add a unique point to your product as well as a message that can make consumers remember your brand.

Hang Tags can accomplish many things in their use. Usually used by businesses that sell t-shirts such as t-shirts in hopes of making their products tidier. If you can use Hang tags to make your brand and products memorable, you can use them to connect with your customers in meaningful ways like this.

There are several forms that you can use to hang tags from the t-shirts that you market. There are lots of options out there but most brands always go with a square, rectangle or circle shape. Also, how you link them in the product may vary.

Hang Tag Placement

Hang Tag placement is also important for you to pay attention to. Generally, there are 3 different placement options — On the label on the collar, on the fabric on the collar, and on the left or right side of the sleeve.

After the three general placements above, you can place them in other places according to the ideas you have. However, don’t forget that there will be a small hole wherever you put the Hang Tag. Therefore, make sure that you place it in a place that is easily seen by consumers.

Hang Tag Design

The design of the product Hang Tag can help to attract the attention of consumers in buying products in the clothing industry. Most online and local print shops provide a variety of stock Hang Tag shapes and designs that you can customize to your liking.

Their printers also provide the ability to process as many shapes and designs as you want. But it is known that when we want to use the shape we want for our product Hang Tag, the price is around more expensive than the standard Hang Tag shape in general.

When you have the right design, the last thing you have to do is find the right printer to realize your creative design. MK Printing Bali is present as one of the digital printers in Bali that emphasizes quality in every product. Now, it provides Hang Tag printing services through our website to get free consultation as a promotional tool for your business.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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