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4 Benefits of Membercard for Your Business

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benefits of membercard
Starbucks Membercard

Are you someone who likes to visit a same store regularly? Or you are a business owner and is thinking about managing your existing customers? Membercard is the right answer. A membercard will engage the customer to your products with some rewards or voucher tricks. What are the benefits of membercard for your business? Let’s find out.

The development and competition of business in Indonesia is getting faster and tougher. Companies are required to always be able to innovate and act quickly so as not to lose to competitors. There are companies that make membercards as a method to overcome existing competition. The use of member cards makes companies hope that consumers have high trust in the company.

Benefits of Membercard

Membership cards are subscription cards that are generally issued by retail companies to attract loyal customers. Having loyal customers certainly promises a big advantage for your company. The reason is, loyal customers will certainly not turn away even though there are many tempting offers from competing companies. Conversely, customers without a membership card will only make purchases if there are only low prices.

What about the customers? Benefits of membercard is not only for the companies. Loyal customers usually will get reward or point for every shopping they make. Below are the benefits of membercard for the business owner.

Provide a Positive Image for Society

By using a membercard, consumers can easily get information and offers that the company provides to them. Usually consumers will receive the latest news about discounts, new products and attractive offers through their personal e-mails. This makes consumers feel more comfortable with the benefits of member cards received.

Maintain Good Relationships with Customers

With a membercard, companies can have a better relationship with consumers. Companies can provide attractive offers and promotions for consumers who have a membercard. In addition, it can automatically increase consumers’ purchasing power of the products that the company offers. For example, customers with Supermarket membercard will receive point for every purchase and they can use the point to reduce the total purchasing amount. Interesting, isn’t it?

Easier for Consumers To Recognize A Product

The next benefits of membercard is that the company will be able to check and analyze consumer spending habits. In addition, companies can adjust their loyalty offers to suit the consumer needs. Therefore, membercard owner will be offered attractive offers regarding products that they buy frequently. This will makes consumers feel closer to the company and is paid attention to in detail.

Customers who have a membership card will find it easier to remember the services they have received from your company. If there are similar products offered by other companies, customers who have joined as members will always compare the product with what has been provided by you. In addition, a membership card will also make customers feel closer to your brand.

Knowing The Membercard Holder Data

A membercard is usually equipped with a barcode use system that contains consumer identity such as name, telephone number and consumer ID. By collecting these information, the company has the opportunity to provide information related to promotions, offers or even the latest news about products to consumers.

Apart from that, collecting data through this membership card can also help the marketing team formulate marketing strategies with targeted potential members. The data collected by the company will certainly not be misused but used for positive things, one of which is used as an identity for participating in a lottery or quiz program held by the company. With shopping vouchers or official merchandise as the reward, the consumers will likely join the program.

Get a Membercard for Your Business

All in all, a membercard is not only a usual card given by the company for their customers. Membercard gives benefit for both, the consumers and especially the business owner. The consumers will receive points or reward for every purchase, while the company will collect consumers’ information that will be used by marketing team to boost your business.

Before starting to make a membercard, find a right place to help you print them. Make sure you pick the right size, material and design for the membercard. To collecting customers’ data, a membercard can be equipped with barcode or magnetic stripe. Once you make it, the benefits of membercard will come to you.

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