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6 Key Tips Before Printing Stickers!

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Recently, the widespread use of adhesive stickers for promotional and branding purposes has become increasingly popular. Aside from being cost-effective, creating these stickers is also easy, allowing for a more creative way to reach customers and partners.

This surge in demand for printed stickers has resulted in a variety of applications, from being affixed to vehicles, outlets, advertising display boards, souvenirs, merchandise, and other adhesive surfaces.

However, it’s crucial not to underestimate the process of printing stickers. Several essential tips need to be considered to effectively build branding and promotion using stickers. What are these tips? Let’s explore them below!

Consider the Sticker Shape:

  • Oval or round? Square or rectangular? Tailor it to your needs.
  • The shape of the sticker can portray a brand. For instance, if you sell apple juice, a circular or apple-shaped sticker would be more appealing than a square one.
  • For more specific cuts with intricate designs, consider die-cut stickers that follow the object’s lines.

Use Eye-Catching Colors:

  • Differentiate your brand by playing with the right color combinations.
  • Incorporate contrasting colors, such as bright text on a dark background or vice versa.
  • Eye-catching colors can make your sticker more distinct and attractive.

  • Positioning your logo is crucial for brand recognition.
  • Alternatively, include descriptive elements about the product on the sticker.
  • Stickers and product labels serve as tools to add vibrant color and draw attention to your product in a crowded market.

Decide on Sticker Placement:

  • Determine where your stickers or labels will be placed.
  • Ensure the design aligns with the intended location in terms of color, shape, and size.

Ensure Stickers Are Easily Recognizable:

  • Make stickers memorable and recognizable by combining your logo or slogan with trending elements.
  • Build distinctiveness through color combinations, brand logos, and design motifs.

Evoke Customer Emotions:

  • Effective branding involves appealing to or influencing customers’ emotions.
  • Use images, colors, or text to evoke emotions, such as motivation, support, or urgency.
  • Include phrases like “special price,” “limited edition,” or exclusive offers to engage customers emotionally.

In conclusion, to maximize your branding and promotional efforts, it’s crucial to follow these 6 important tips. Afterward, you can print your stickers nearby and utilize your best sticker designs. Don’t forget to use quality ink to ensure the printed stickers are of high quality.

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