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Get to Know More About Electronic Money

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Electronic money according to wikipedia is money that is used in Internet transactions by electronic means. Typically, these transactions involve the use of computer networks (such as the Internet and digital price storage systems).

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is an example of electronic money. Electronic money is stored in 2 types, namely Server Based or Electronic Money with storage media in the form of a server, and Chip Based is Electronic Money with storage media in the form of chips.

Nowadays, the use of electronic money is very popular, apart from being practical, it is also safe. In the midst of the current new normal, the government also encourages the public and business owners to use electronic money to minimize physical contact. Check out a more in-depth explanation of electronic money below.

Types of Electronic Money

In general, there are 2 types of electronic money if distinguished based on the storage system, namely server based and chip based. Examples of server-based applications such as gopay, ovo, funds, links, and others. Then there are also chip based ones, namely Mandiri e-money, BRIZZI BRI, Flazz BCA, and others.

Maximum Balance / Limit

The maximum balance of electronic money varies depending on the type and provider. For electronic money which is chip based, the maximum balance of money that can be stored on the card is IDR 1,000,000. And for server-based electronic money, it varies depending on the provider. For example, gopay one million for Unverified and five million rupiah for verified accounts, or just link 2 million for basic, and 10 million rupiah for full.

Uses of Electronic Money

As mentioned earlier, the use of electronic money today seems to have touched various aspects of the community’s economy. Payment for online shops, payment for transportation such as KRL or busway, even if we enter the toll road, we are required to make payments using electronic cards. Electronic money aims to simplify, speed up, and make payments more secure.

Electronic Card Custom Design

Electronic card or we often call it e-money is a type of electronic money in the form of chip based. The size of this card is 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm. The standard design of this electronic money is usually a bank logo or a design issued by a bank on a limited edition. However, we can create our own custom e-money designs. Currently, there are many printing business that provide electronic card printing services with their own designs.

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