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Custom Organic Business Label in Bali (2021)

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Business label is something that is required to attract more customers. MK Printing Bali comes with an innovation to create a custom organic business label, which specially made for selling organic products. What makes it more interesting is that you can use your own logo or design for the label. It is fun, isn’t it?

Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Go ‘Green’ is the now becoming more popular as a new lifestyle where protecting nature is a priority as is living an Eco-friendly lifestyle. Eco-friendly lifestyle means living an environmentally friendly life where everyone puts any effort towards protecting and conserving nature as well as less polluted while reducing the carbon footprint.

To adopt an Eco-friendly lifestyle, it needs to take care of the basic life’s principles. A person is required to be conscious regarding the environment and carefully use the natural resources. Recycle old things and conserve water and fuel and look at reducing the carbon footprint are also his priorities. This step can come about by supporting industries which are environmentally friendly and responsible.

Use the Organic Business Label

Business nowadays talk about eco friendly but that’s often easier said than done. One thing that a business needs to do is switch their previous business label to the eco-friendly one. There are a variety of eco-friendly label materials to suit different looks, applications, and markets.

An eco-friendly business supposed to use organic materials to reflect its brand value. This includes the product materials, packaging materials, and label materials.

In order to make an organic claim or use the USDA Organic Seal, the final product must follow strict production, handling and labelling standards and go through the organic certification process .  The standards address a variety of factors such as soil quality, animal raising practices, and pest and weed control.  Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.  

What is Organic Business Label for?

People often define “Organic” and “natural” as the same thing, but legally speaking, they are quite different. Organic has stringent labeling regulations (we’ll get to that in a bit). On the other hand, the term “natural” can be interpreted in various ways.

To list “organic” on your product labels, it is mandatory to have a certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program.

Organic is a labeling term found on products that have been produced using cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that support the cycling of on-farm resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

Generally, there are four distinct labeling categories for organic products – 100 percent organic, organic, “made with” organic ingredients, and specific organic ingredients.  

The “100 Percent Organic” category, products required to result of 100 percent certified organic ingredients.  Besides, the label must include the name of the certifying agent and may include the USDA Organic Seal and/or the 100 percent organic claim.  

The “Organic” category, means that the product and ingredients must be certified organic, except where specified on National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances.  Non-organic ingredients allowed per the National List may be used, but sadly no more than five percent of the combined total ingredients may contain non-organic content. 

For multi-ingredient products in the “made with” organic category, at least 70 percent of the product must be certified organic ingredients.  The organic seal cannot be used on the product, and the final product cannot be represented as organic – only up to three ingredients or ingredient categories can be represented as organic.  

MK Printing Bali uses recycled materials from either the manufacturing process or from post-consumer waste. Compostable, Biodegradable, and 100% Recycled.

Mostly, the organic label used for the following products :

  • Food and drink
  • face mask processed organically
  • Organic personal care products

Custom organic business label created by MK Printing Bali gives higher brand value as you can customize the label as cool as you wish. Personal business label will affect on your business growth, which will be increased in a good way.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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