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Get Quality Printing Results with Iridesse Production Press & Versant 3010 at MK Printing Bali

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Digital Printing is also the most cost-effective and most flexible compared to other printing methods. Digital printing allows for quick and easy changes to be made to the variable imaging process.

Digital printing can be very environmentally friendly, particularly when no coatings or powders are applied to the product.

We, MK Printing, also use this method on many orders so that the results are good and meet the expectations of our customers.

Nowadays everything is possible with the latest innovation in technology. Same thing with digital printing technology, at MK Printing Bali, all our digital printing works are done with the help of Iridesse Production Press & Versant 3010.

Not just that, the toner we use for digital printing works are also eco-friendly toner.

Iridesse Production Press

Today’s expression power of digital printing. Iridesse™ Production Press was designed to raise the possibility of digital printing to a new stage. High-quality and colour-rich printing expressions including highly reflective metallic colours provide added values not only to creators but also to all of those that are in the printing

With this machine, we are able to print metallic colours for various promotional items or mainly used for name tag or business cards.

You will get the best quality of a digital printing with this machine, available at our MK Printing Workshops.

Versant 3100 Press

Every business will definitely do more to keep growing. How you define “more” is unique to you. But how do you achieve it consistently the answer is Versant 3100 Press.

Versant 3100 Press is designed to give you answers to challenges that increase as your customers ask for more. The key is consistent prints so the business pressure won’t go away. Of course this can be achieved with the Versant 3100 Press machine.

With the Versant 3100 Press, you will be more confident. More performance. More quality. More benefits you will receive.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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