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The Togetherness Project – From Bali to the World

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We all know how 2020 has been kind of unique and challenging. Especially for Bali, while it got the most impact from a tourism point of views, it still stands strong because of the people like you.

For us at MK Printing Bali, we managed to keep open, support our community, and be there for our staffs. All these could happen because of your continues support choosing us as your printing partners. This is something we are grateful for.

We always believe that supporting & contributing to local communities is the important part in growing together. Some could say covid-19 really brings us together. We took part in empowering women, giving 1000 meals for the peoples, and also sponsored “Kelas Online Kreatif” a program from Indonesian government & Astragraphia for small & medium enterprises.

The latest in 2021, we are in collaboration with The The Togetherness Projects giving them special prices for their printing needs such as labels , tags, packing, and more.

The Togetherness Project (Kebersamaan in Indonesian language) brings together people from Bali, Indonesia and around the world in the spirit of working together to build a more sustainable, live-able world. The togetherness project works with the communities in which it serves, to create sustainable jobs, education and long term benefits to the community.

They have big goals to help & uniting all Indonesian communities during the pandemic. Their values are based on Balinese Tri Hita Karana principals, of respect for nature, the gods and each other.

Their initiatives are Ikat Weaving, Wild Bee Honey, Fresh Food Packs, Plastic for Rice, Kopi Bali, Organic Farming Service, & Togetherness Tours.

Ikat weaving (ikat tenun) is one of their initiatives supporting local family in Ubud Bali. From employment creation and now they are targeting into selling these traditional crafts to keep it going and grows.

pictures from The Togetherness Projects

You can also become a part of their initiative by donating directly to them. For donation you can visit their websites at

Last but not least, 2020 may have gone, but the scars and the ongoing covid-19 case still happening till today, supporting each others is one of many ways we could do to strive this new year.

With love, MK Printing Bali.

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