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5 Reasons Why Print Advertising Still Works in 2022

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Some businessman think that they are pessimistic with print advertising, even more digital advertising is more popular and effective because it can reach consumers who can’t be reached by print advertising. Before you think the same, we at MK Printing Bali will break down to you 5 reasons why print advertising still works.

  1. Print advertising last longer
  2. Print advertising is more valuable if your target is a physical consumer presence
  3. The best way and easier to build trust
  4. Print advertising is memorable
  5. Print advertising offers strong consumer demographic targeting

Print Advertising Last Longer

Print advertising is longer shelf life, even you throw away or cut it off and other potential consumers still can read it. When someone plops a magazine or newspaper in their counter or desk your ads is still there even the magazine goes to the recycling bin. What happens with digital ads on Google or Facebook ? It just takes a few minutes then disappears. Next day or next month people won’t see again.

Print Advertising is More Valuable If Your Target is A Physical Consumer Presence

If you have events or discount in your store, print advertising is a good choice where you can put your advertising in front of your store or in the strategic place and connect with consumers who physically presence. Imagine the restaurant have a new menu and make print leaflets with sample of their menu so the consumer can try it. It’s better than pop up ads or email marketing, it doesn’t work because they are rated not on target.

The Best Way and Easier to Build Trust

Based on MarketingSherpa surveyed in 2016 for 1.200 Americans, they found that print advertising is most trusted. Print advertising looks like credible and trusted, but on the other hand online pops up is annoying in and low value content that’s why make it less trusted.

print advertising vs digital ads
print ads rank higher than digital ads

Print Advertising is Memorable

Based on research conducted by Penn State University, they said that people are easier to remember printed material than electronic advertisement. Even people read so many of print ads on magazine or newspaper, they still remember and keep it. One of the example is a great packaging for your business. Compare it with people who just read on digital advertising next day they will forget it. Why ? Because there are so many digital ads out there with less a minute of viewing time. But it doesn’t mean to avoid digital ads, each advertisements have different advantages. 

Print Advertising Offers Strong Consumer Demographic Targeting

Mostly small businesses become successful after learning their consumer demographic target. For example targeting specific ages, cities, and incomes. Not everyone is online, especially for the middle aged or senior demographic groups. They are very likely to read magazine or newspaper and respond some direct mail advertising.

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