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4 Best Tips on Choosing the Right Packaging Materials for Your Products

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Having great packaging design is an important consideration when you want to attract the consumers and make your product reaches its top sales.

Your choice of packaging materials is as vital as the design since you need to make sure that your product can be safely delivered from your facility to the consumers’ homes.

Choosing the right packaging materials can build your brand image, make your product look more presentable, and ensure your consumers that the product inside can remain safe and secure.

There are many choices of packaging materials that you can choose. These selections somehow can make you confused to select one as the best material.

Before you decide what material to choose, have a look at these tips on choosing the right packaging materials for your product.

On choosing the right packaging materials you should know your products

This might be very basic that you don’t count it as something to consider. However, in order to choose the right packaging materials for your product, you need to understand what you sell.

When you sell a vulnerable product that can be easily crushed like electronic stuff or glassware, you need to use packaging material that is strong and secure; cardboard, for instance. You might also need to add extra protection to your packaging. Putting extra bubble wrap can be a help for this case.

When you sell clothes, the option can be simplified as many companies simply use plastic or paper bag as its packaging.  

choosing the right packaging materials
Mulat Packaging by MK Printing Bali

Consider your budget

The second tips on choosing the right packaging materials is to consider your budget. Your budget is the one that determines how far you can go with your packaging selection as it determines what materials you can go with and what other details you can use to enhance its appearance.

But of course you still need to consider your product itself. Glass materials might seem elegant and appealing to the consumers, but it costs more compared to cardboard and plastic. Moreover, glass materials are vulnerable and need extra protection.

On the other hand, cardboard and plastic materials are relatively inexpensive, can be easily designed, and give protection to the product. Plastic is not the most eco-friendly one, but it can be made from recyclable materials for more environmentally friendly purpose.

Think about how your product gonna be handled

Considering how your product is going to be transported that makes it safely arrived at the consumers’ homes is relating to its functionality aspect. Choosing the right packaging materials with this in mind will help your packaging stands out. An excellent packaging design will be useless when the package cannot do its job to protect the product inside.

The consumers will be so disappointed when they receive broken product package that affects the product inside. As a result, you will need to deal with consumers complain that leads to more costs. This is one of the reasons why you should have a great packaging for your business.

Thus, investing in packaging materials that can do its function is a good choice that can save you a lot of money.

Be aware of packaging regulation

Plastic materials might be cheap and have many benefits for your business. However, you need to consider the regulation at the place where you sell your product.

Many places have regulated a more eco-friendly and recyclable packaging which can reduce littering. Thus, if you have decided on choosing plastic-based packaging, you might need to make it more eco-friendly.

Considering this will also build your brand image as you send a message to your consumers that you care about the environment.


If you are still confused, some printing & packaging company offer free consultation to help you with choosing the right packaging materials. But there are many printing & packaging company out there, you should know how to choose the best printing & packaging company for your business.

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