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7 Christmas-Themed Packaging Ideas for Your Business

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Christmas packaging will give a festive touch to your products from late November to December has benefits for your company. Other than just being really fun. Whether your market is a child or middle-aged, receiving a package with a Christmas design will never fail to make someone smile. This allows you to refresh your brand image without having to worry too much because it’s only temporary.

Christmas packaging is a relatively easy way to surprise your customers and create the feeling that they are being treated to something special, even if it is the same product in it. This may seem wordless but the opportunity to take advantage of the positive and festive nature of the Christmas period to market your products and services is not to be missed. Here are some interesting ideas to make packaging with a Christmas theme for your version of MK Printing Bali.

Green & Red Christmas packaging

Christmas trees, lights, ornaments are symbolized by green and red. And guess what, they are also very suitable for Christmas packaging design.

Using these two colors in a Christmas-themed box sends a clear statement about this time of year. And even if you’re not looking for a big change in terms of your branding this Holiday season, there’s nothing wrong with just adding a holiday color pop to your packaging. Check out the elegant double-piece box below.

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Gold & Black blend color

For business owners, Christmas is turning into a race where e-commerce brands and retail companies fight over designing Christmas packaging in the best possible way. When it comes to color pairs, one way to stand out is to choose black and gold. Black brings elegance and simplicity to mind, while gold is associated with luxury. Even the simplest patterns will look more premium when designed in those two colors.

gift packaging with logo
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Use a funny text

Christmas is about a light and exciting mood. Packaging has the power to bring a smile to your customers’ faces as well. How can you do that? by using a funny text and you could surprise your customers. Write in a written font or slip a thank you note in the box.

christmas cards ideas
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Wood wool & paper shred

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Wood wool is a great idea for the inside of your festive packaging. Most importantly, it provides additional amortization in the box. You can use natural colors or go with festive and colorful variants – red, green, or gold. This way, your customers get a beautifully presented product – ideal to share on Instagram. This type of packaging is perfect for your business or your minimalist tastes but still looks luxurious. In addition, now packaging like this is very popular with many people.

Vintage Style

This idea creates organic warmth and uses simplicity to its advantage. They can be successfully incorporated into different types of products, as almost every product will look good in that style. Such a natural and earthy brown color works perfectly with mono-colored prints – white, black, gray, or gold. You don’t need an elaborate Christmas design to make it look amazing – logos and ribbons or ribbons with festive patterns will do the trick. And here’s the best part – it’s easy to create your own rustic-inspired packaging.

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E-commerce is appearance-driven, and it’s no surprise that industry leaders are already incorporating smart ways to use visual search engines to help customers find what they need. And for many names these days, a proverb has more or less been translated into minimalist visual language. Christmas packaging can also benefit from minimalism. When designing Christmas packaging, think of simple prints – elegant fonts, toned colors. Choose white and natural cardboard to create a smooth festive atmosphere as well.

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Using Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is a method of covering a particular part of the design with bright foil. The result is a very original, glossy piece of the pattern. Begin with attaching hot stamping to your brand’s logo or name or create a special festive symbol with a hot-stamped texture. You can also add a hot-stamped lining to a text printed on your Christmas packaging. Hot Stamping can also be made in any design and matches the packaging in various sizes.

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