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9 Products Inspiration for Christmas Hampers

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Christmas is a good time to share happiness with others. One way to spread that happiness is by act of giving. So many Christmas ideas options are available.

Although pandemic, the moment of exchanging gifts at Christmas should not be missed, yes. We can get around this obstacle by sending Christmas hampers. Sending hampers at Christmas is also important to establish good relations with distant family or for business. Let’s check out some unique and interesting Christmas ideas.

All these products ideas can be added into one personalized hampers with beautiful and unique Christmas-theme packaging.

Cookies Hampers

So that your hampers are not boring and memorable, you can give pastries with a unique shape. The above pastries have the concept of Christmas decorations. The shape and image-making are very detailed to resemble the original object. The recipient of your hampers will be impressed with this pastry.

pic by dolce kitchen

Home Living Hampers

Currently decorating the house is becoming a trend. Well, we can support the hobby of relatives in decorating the house by sending Christmas hampers in the form of home living items. There are a variety of options to choose from, ranging from flower vases, pillows, blankets, or aromatherapy. We can also give hampers in the form of paintings or trinkets of wall hangings.

pic by

Kitchen Utensils and Cutlery

If you are a hobby of cooking, of course almost this Christmas is very appropriate to choose. Give him hampers in the form of kitchen utensils, such as pans, spatulas, and balloon whisk according to his favorite color. If you want a more familiar impression, you can also give a custom apron inscribed with the name of the recipient. Not only kitchen tools, providing various spices and cookbooks can also be an interesting idea.

pic by

These hampers are also suitable for you to give to people who have just bought or moved house. They will need equipment to eat. Inside these hampers, there are plates, glasses, cutlery. In addition, there are artificial plants that can be home décor.

Body Care

These Christmas hampers are highly recommended given in the midst of quarantine periods at home. Because pampering yourself by taking care of the body is very useful to avoid stress. Parcel filling can consist of body scrub, face mask, lotion, soap, to shampoo.

pic by

Now there are many, body care sets derived from herbal products and sold in the form of hampers, really. But before buying, do not forget to find out the recipient’s favorite scent.

Health Products

In a pandemic like this, Christmas hampers in the form of immune-boosting packages are certainly very useful. These hampers will be used frequently and that is definitely beneficial. We can fill hampers with a variety of unique patterned masks, hand sanitizers, supplements, honey, to multivitamins.

pic by pinterest


The idea of these Christmas hampers is not familiar but it can be a cool choice. Giving hampers containing seeds of various plants, fertilizers, and cute pots is an interesting idea, especially for plant lovers. If you do not want to be complicated, you can give a parcel consisting of a variety of tiny terrariums. Not only ordinary ornamental plants but giving aquarium plants can also be included on the list.

pic by pinterest

Skincare Product

For beauty enthusiasts, this one hampers will definitely make him happy. Receiving hampers containing cosmetics and skincare is the hope of many women. But before giving this parcel package know first the type of skin and color tone of the recipient.

pic by Clare

Kids Stuffs

For your friends or relatives who have babies, you can give almosts containing baby supplies. You can give clothes, funny dolls, or Christmas decorations. You can slip in some greeting cards and a guidebook. In addition, it is also very suitable for families who have small children.

pic by pinterest

Fruits Hampers

Fruits can also be one of the great choices to give hampers to family, relatives, and friends at Christmas. You can create color gradations on fruits that have the same color group, or adjust to the recipient’s preferences.

pic by pinterest

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