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Get The Right Custom Jewelry Packaging in Bali For Your Business (2020)

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The thing about jewelry or jewellery products is that they are small but needs extra care and value. That’s why a great customized jewelry packaging is a really a must!

There are many alternatives for personalized jewelry packaging for your business and as we are experienced – we have been working with worldwide jewelry business owners – then we will help and inspire you with the ideas.

Jewelry Box Packaging

Choose jewelry box packaging if you want extra protection and added value for your brand. While it’s expensive, the jewelry box packaging gives better impression for high-end jewelry collection.

You can add padding inside the box, or custom the opening mechanism for powerful first impression. It can also serves as save box if the jewelry is not used by the customers.

Jewelry Pouch Packaging

Drawstring pouch is a good alternative for jewelry box packaging. The good thing with jewelry pouch packaging also is that it’s not that expensive as box packaging but it can stay longer and be used widely good for branding purposes.

Just another thing to consider is that you have to add extra protection such as bubble wrap for shipping.

Jewelry Paper Packaging

If you are just starting or you targeted lower customer class then jewelry paper packaging is a way to go!

You can print your logo on it and add custom string to make it more personal. If you have extra budget, you can use organic paper as the base packaging. And one most important thing is that you have to use extra bubble wrap for shipping.

Custom Jewelry Packaging in Bali

Looking for a print shop in Bali that can do custom jewelry packaging for your business? Then you are at the right place.

We offer free consultation to help you get started. You can customized everything and we will give you free quotes.

Click the button below to speak with our specialist, we are happy and always glad to help you.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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