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Packaging Solutions – All You Need To Know About Starting up Fashion Label (2020)

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Okay, now you have come a long way up to this blog. You might find this post by searching on Google “fashion packaging” or maybe “where to get quality packaging for my label”. Rest assured, you are in the right place!

We made this article with things in mind that you already found a manufacturer for your fashion label. Or, for those who are still doing research for their upcoming label. Who doesn’t want to be entrepreneur these days?

A fashion label is not just about producing clothes, either for men or women. A fashion label is all about you! You start it! The design, the model, the way it’s communicating, the packaging.

People won’t spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on clothing from a fashion label just because it looks beautiful on Instagram photos.

People buy your fashion label because of its value! And the important thing that sometimes these startup / self startup forget is the small little details on printing and packaging! In other hand, these things are still useful for advertising purposes.

With great printing & packaging, your fashion label will be memorable and stands out from competitors! Even better, with MK Printing Bali you won’t have to worry about these things and our team will help you start your fashion label – We will take care your printing and packaging problems.

We will list down the 4 important things about printing & packaging for your fashion label.


First of we will start with clothing label. What is label? it’s that little thing sewed up to the clothing. Usually it contains more than 1, there is care label and brand label.

Care tag is about how the products should be treated. While brand label is more about Logo and your tagline.

Choosing the material used for clothing label should go in line with your brand value. If you are a eco-friendly brand, than you should go with eco-friendly material

There are many materials to be used for printing fashion label. Satin, canvas, polyester, cotton, and more. With that being said, it could be a pain to understand those. Instead, just let us know what your brand value is in this free consultation page and we will get back to you with the quotation.


Most of fashion label we see use customized bag instead of box packaging. But for a high fashion label, a standard box packaging offer more value than a highend custom bag.

If you are somehow in the middle, then go with customized bag packaging. Paper packaging works great and more cheaper than box.

You can outsource custom packaging in Bali and then ship it to your country. It is cheaper than buying in your home-country.


Shopping bag! You need this if you have offline store where people will buy your products. But as we said before, sometimes we see more brands using shopping bags as packaging. Probably because it’s more cheaper and clothing products don’t need extra protection a box packaging offer.

Have you ever watched the movie “The Intern” ? The main actor, she is so in-love with her brand. There’s a scene where even in putting the product inside the packaging must be done with care. And yeah, she use proper box packaging.


It is a protective layer. Usually made out of plastic. But if you want a more feeling and connection between your brand and the customers, then you can always do custom wrapping.

You can custom the material. Doesn’t like plastic? Go with cotton wrapping. Too expensive? go with paper wrapping. Imagination is the limit to what you can customize at MK Printing Bali.


Add personal touch to your costumers by including a thank you note within the packaging. Or give extra discount to the customers by including promotional cards.


Stickers can be used as a thank you items, but the impact can be more than just an items. Stickers still work as branding purposes nowadays.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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