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Support Eco-Friendly Behavior: 5 Ways to Environmentally Friendly

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The eco-friendly concept is an activity and policy to maintain environmental conditions. As a form of support in the plastic-free program, MK Printing prints all client products using paper and cloth materials.

We provide printing services for paper bags, tote bags, pouches, backpacks, stickers for tumblers, cards, and paper, labeling, to custom packaging.

Let’s understand how to become environmentally friendly and save our planet and support eco-friendly behavior with us!

Aware of Your Resources

Start by living with a greater awareness of the resources that you use in your business life and day to day operation. Pay attention to how you choose to produce your product, to package your brand, to recycle your office needs.

Awareness is what will allow you to begin then to make environmentally friendly choices.

Practice Conservation

With your new awareness of how resources are used in your business, start to practice conservation. It can be as simple as turning off the lights, turning off the AC, computers, and as complex as recycle your used resources.

Example if you are in fashion industry, the leftover fabrics can be used to make exclusive products, etc.

Plant Trees

It’s not just good for the Community, you can invite your community to join your plant trees program, and this can be even used for your branding and or marketing.

Try Without Plastic

If you are living in Bali, you already know that you won’t get a plastic bag when shopping at Minimart. Using a custom bag such as tote bag for your product packaging is always a great idea to be eco-friendly.

Educate Others

Educate others about the importance of living an environmentally friendly life. The more people share an awareness of the importance of the environment, the more we can do together to conserve it.

You can start by promoting your business as eco-friendly in your marketing team, but it is by proving it first ya!

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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