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10 Jewelry Packaging Design Ideas

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If you are a starting jewelry business, consider the packaging of your products! The more you pay attention to the details, the more satisfied your customers will be. This way, you will catch their interest and they will talk about you around them.

Here are some beautiful and attractive packaging forms that can be an idea for those of you who are doing business with jewelry products.


Packaging pouches for jewelry like these are a great way to give a special gift to a loved one! They will feel very special with the most beautiful gift from you which is packaged in beautiful packaging. Details The peach velvet pouch with an embossed logo and gold buttons gives a luxurious yet simple feel.

Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is great for jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, brooches, pendants, or bracelets. The box is made of cardboard with a two-tone design like marble texture with gray color which looks very elegant. The color can be varied according to your needs.

This nice packaging can also be personalized by printing your logo on the cover. The way to place the box is with the cover and base, inside the box there can be different stuffing or it can be without stuffing. Packaging like this is perfect for those of you who like unique symmetrical shapes.

Box Bag

This packaging is perfect for jewelry or watches as well. Inside is also a 0.8 cm thick “H” shaped sponge which is suitable for both single and pair rings. But beautiful packaging like this is suitable for all types of jewelry. The packaging is also equipped with a beautiful bag which makes it even more attractive. Anyone will love this packaging design.

Envelope Style

The necklace jewelry packaging design in the form of a message letter will give a unique but also attractive impression. You must try this design for your business.

Those with different tastes will choose a well-packed product like this one. Of course, the jewelry that is packaged in this package will look like a letter but contains beautiful gifts for loved ones. They will surely be surprised by the gifts given. How interesting isn’t it!

Customizing Box with Beautiful Images

Consider packaging ideas like this. Very beautiful and interesting. The packaging box design with images of every season will make one wonder how it can look so beautiful.

The designs are simple but look, they are filled with seasonal images that everyone will love. You can also add other images to make it look more aesthetic.

Out of the box design?

Pamper your loved ones with jewelry gifts that also use attractive packaging. A jewelry packaging box with a small window showing the inside like this will impress them. The design is also minimalist and can be adjusted to your favorite pattern image.

Box with unique mechanism

Box packaging design with glass inside and designed in such a way can be the best choice for your jewelry business. This packaging is very beautiful and can be used for all forms of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings. The lid is also attached to the box, making it easier to open it.

or this photobook look alike

Are you among those who like elegant things. Also, try to pay attention to the form of jewelry packaging like this. The white and gray colors give the impression of luxury and glamor. You can also add romantic writing for your loved ones there, that’s really nice.

combine box with envelope for full branding

This jewelry packaging box is also quite attractive. This paper box can be customized with your logo. This pack is suitable for earrings and rings. The simple design is made of paper, the color can also be adjusted to your liking. Inside it is also equipped with a paper ribbon and sponge which makes it look neat.

Unique box shape

The last list that I think is the most interesting. You can also consider this packaging idea. This packaging design is very unique. A pyramid that has space in it to put jewelry. Gorgeous, packages like this have a ribbon to open them up.

The person receiving the gift in this package will be curious and pull the ribbon to open it. This can be an unforgettable moment for the person who receives a gift packaged like this. Besides, this packaging can also be customized with your logo or name.

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