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Getting to Know More about Paper Coffee Cups

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The use of paper cups must be very familiar, apart from being paper coffee cups, various drinks are also suitable for using these paper cups, both hot drinks and cold drinks.

This paper coffee cup is very safe to use for beverage packaging because this packaging meets food grade paper standards. With ingredients that are safe for health, besides that it will not change the taste of the drink itself, so coffee paper cups are very suitable to be used as packaging for hot coffee drinks.

Paper cups themselves are several types of paper cups, see further explanation below.

Single Wall Paper Cup

Single wall paper cups are made of single layer cardboard which is perfect for cold and hot drinks. Sometimes, When the drink is too hot, you may also need to use a cardboard sleeve or what is commonly called a “sleeve” or “Corrugated Paper cup Sleeve” to protect your hands.

Double Wall Paper Cup

Unlike single wall paper cups, these flat wrap or double walls have a double layer on the outside that can withstand heat and won’t hurt your hands, so you don’t need to use a sleeve or a corrugated paper cup sleeve.

Apart from the type of coating material, these paper cups can be distinguished based on the type of drink used. Namely as follows.

Hot Drink Paper Cup

Namely paper cups used for packaging hot drinks. Usually smaller in size, with a waterproof and heat-resistant coating.

Cold Drink Paper Cup

Namely paper cups used for packaging cold drinks. The size of this cold drink paper cup is larger than the hot drink paper cup.

Of course, all types of paper cups can be printed based on your design inspiration. The economical price of coffee paper cups makes these coffee paper cups the right choice for coffee packaging.

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