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Plastic Coffee Cups For Iced Coffee Take Away Orders

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There are many types of coffee cups, and one of the most popular is the plastic coffee cup. The es kopi susu variant is now a trend in itself, favored because iced coffee is often enjoyed during lunch breaks, or when the air is hot, the body is refreshed with a glass of iced coffee. Most orders for iced coffee use the take away method, due to limited work breaks, and in general the coffee packaging uses plastic coffee cups.

Why are plastic coffee cups suitable for iced coffee packaging? There are many answers and reasons for this question. Ranging from economic reasons to size fit. Making custom plastic coffee cups is quite easy, just provide the design that will be printed on the plastic cup.

plastic coffee cup
Plastic Coffee Cup

Plastic coffee cups are indeed very economical, the price starts from only 400 rupiah per pcs. At MK Printing Bali you can choose the type of plastic coffee cup with additional stickers, or print a design. There are 2 types of choices for plastic cups, the first is PP plastic and the second is PET plastic.

Using plastic cups is indeed an economical choice for take away coffee cups, can reduce production prices, besides that plastic cups can also be easily printed designs that match the product logo to add to your product identity and brand.

Choosing a plastic coffee cup that is suitable for your coffee business is very important, the plastic material used must be strong, durable, does not change the taste of the iced coffee, besides that it is most importantly safe for health. Printerous provides the solution, selling strong plastic coffee cups, the best materials, and safe for health. The price of coffee cups made of plastic is also very economical and with prints that will certainly not disappoint you.

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