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5 Ideas of Stickers for Your Business

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Stickers can be used in a variety of ways, including when running a business. Many business owners create unique stickers and affixed to products or packaging. Recently, many unusual stickers have sprung up, such as posting photos of products, photos of cute idol artists on a product.

Well, fellows don’t miss it either. We’ll give you entertaining ideas for creating custom stickers for your business. Let’s take a look!

Label Sticker

As we know, label stickers serve to provide information on a product. Usually, this label sticker is placed on the front of the product and has a variety of materials and sizes are adjusted. If you want to use a waterproof type of sticker you can use stickers with vinyl material. Because, vinyl materials are waterproof, suitable for the beverage business. Usually, the beverage packaging business always uses vinyl stickers to make labels on the packaging. The base material is similar to plastic, with a smooth and shiny surface that is a waterproof and scratch-resistant vinyl sticker.

In addition to vinyl stickers, you can use a type of chromo sticker. The affordable price makes this type of sticker material also popular. Although it has the drawback that is not waterproof but still does not reduce the value of the function of the sticker. This type of chromo sticker material has a paper base material that is shiny and slippery. If you want to print stickers at an economical price, the right choice is to choose a chromo sticker. Although the quality is not as good as vinyl this type of sticker has good adherence. Especially if used on dry food packaging or jar labels.

Label Sticker
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Then you have to know the type of kraft sticker, as the name suggests kraft sticker type stickers used made from recycled paper. Usually, this type of sticker has a unique color, such as brown as the essential color. However, there are also some other color options if you want to use different ones. The use of kraft stickers is perfect for those of you who want to build a clothing line business. You can use stickers to attach to the inside of clothing wrappers or even on the sides of packaging that use boxes. If you have a special concept, it is suitable to use this type of kraft sticker material.

Shipping Label

Familiar with this type of sticker, right? This type of sticker is used to provide information on the recipient and the package giver. Therefore, there is brief information about the recipient’s name, address, and mobile phone number that can be contacted. This type of shipping label sticker has a wide variety of sizes. These types of sizes depending on your needs. If you are currently looking for this type of sticker label, please purchase directly at This type of sticker can be used immediately. In other words, when you order it’s design-ready and ready to go. Without waiting long and shipping label stickers can be used instantly.

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Fragile Sticker and QC Passed

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For business owners, this type of fragile sticker is also needed. Especially if you are engaged in the business of glassware such as cutlery, decorations, or some pottery whose products are vulnerable to rupture. This sticker serves to provide information to the delivery party to be careful that this item is a fragile product. That way, the logistics will be more careful to put the package. There are many functions that you can get if you use a type of sticker that provides important information for the package.

You can create uncommon fragile and QC passed stickers – if you don’t like monotonous sticker shapes. It’s like using an idol meme if you’re selling your idol merch or impressing your mind-blowing.

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Thank You

The next idea is to thank you stickers. You can make it unique and aesthetic. It will make your product have a high selling point as well as attract a lot of fans. You can create them in the form of circles, squares, or other unique ideas.

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Your buyers may be interested in the stickers you use and post them on social media – then you’ll get free marketing. It will considerably help the sale of your product.

Ingredients Sticker

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Next is a sticker containing ingredients from your product. This is perfect if your product is a health product, food, and or product that requires explanation in the form of ingredients. This idea will help your consumers know what is contained in the products you sell and can build trust in your consumers.

Usually, stickers of such materials are only black and white. However, you can make it different. You can choose a variety of unique designs for your products, such as using eye-catching designs or displaying other unusual ornaments.

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