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8 Design Ideas for Your Wedding Invitation

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The wedding invitation is a way to invite relatives, family, or friends to attend the wedding. Brides are usually busy looking for a unique and beautiful invitation model, not just a regular invitation. Making a regular invitation will make it more monotonous and unattractive. It’s not about an invitation, it’s about the effort. Although a once-in-a-lifetime event, wedding invitations are also important.

Well, this time MKPrintingBali will give interesting ideas to make wedding invitations look luxurious, unique, and interesting. Let’s take a look!

Foil Vellum Paper

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The first design idea is an invitation made of vellum paper foil. As seen in the photo – this will make your invitation transparent, you can make it 3 layers or just 1 – as per your needs. A design like this also does not take up much space and is easy to carry. You can make souvenirs with the same material or include them on your wedding invitation.


Although it looks expensive, it will make your invitation look luxurious and luxurious. Invitations like this are very rare, in Indonesia – most of you will see wedding invitations in the form of cards with thick paper.

pict by Mujer de 10

In addition to vellum paper foil, acrylic models will also make your invitation transparent. It can also be a decoration and a memory for you after a few years of marriage – by adding photo frames, for example. In order not to break easily, you can make it in a small shape so that it is easy to under.

Passport Invitation

It’s so unique! It’s a very unique and interesting idea. Wedding invitations are passport-shaped. You can make it like this. If you and your partner are traveling enthusiasts, this is the perfect idea for you. No need to travel, anyone can take this idea, will facilitate you to create a shrimp model like this and like any other ideas you want.

Models like this will also be a beautiful memory after your wedding is over, you can include souvenirs or wedding accessories for your invited guests.

Tips for you; because it is passport-shaped, you can stamp every guest who comes to the invitation.

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Fine Art Wedding Invitation

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It will make your invitation look like a royal invitation. The design on each side of the paper – will make it very classy. This will make it look vintage. You can match it to your wedding theme.

This design idea will make your invitation look like a letter to your pen buddy. In addition, invitations like this can also be sent to your friends who are in other cities. MKPrintingBali will assist you in making invitations like this.

Envelope Type

In general, most invitations are envelope-shaped. However, you can create different designs. Like adding space for your guests. This space will be useful for guests, perhaps such as giving a congratulatory card. So your guests won’t have the hassle of looking for another envelope. In addition to the different designs, this will reduce unnecessary waste – you can save space.

pict by

Wedding Card

With beautiful calligraphy, an invitation shaped like this card will make your invitation look beautiful. If you like something simple, this is the right design idea for you. Simple and elegant. Besides being easy to carry, you don’t have to feel complicated about what the invitation will look like – especially if you receive a lot of suggestions.

You can create them in a variety of shapes, or make them look the same as the photos below. The choice is yours.

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Menu Card

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It’s one of the most interesting ideas that can be your choice. Wedding invitations are menu-shaped. Besides being interesting, design ideas like this also have enough space to display all the information in one read. This design will give the impression of elegance and luxury on your invitation. For the choice of paper, you can choose your own, MKPrintingBali will help you in printing your dream invitation. You can use different themes according to the theme of your wedding ceremony. Interesting isn’t it?


There are many interesting ideas for making wedding invitations. Not just a regular card, after reading this – you’ll have a lot of invitation design ideas. A once-in-a-lifetime event for you will have a perfect impression.

This newspaper design is one of the right choices for you. Very unique design. Newspapers aren’t just printed and contain a lot of news. As it turns out, newspapers can also be a new inspiration in making invitations. You can load the various information you want to display with a template like a typical newspaper.

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To make it look more attractive, you can add an envelope or complementary accessories that you think will suit your invitations and weddings later.

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