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Avoid These 3 Mistakes in Creating a Logo

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Your logo is the first touch that allows consumers to get to know your brand, which is why logo design decisions can be stressful.

You might be a new business having trouble creating a logo, or it could be an old business that is considering rebranding. Here are some common logo mistakes that many businesses make.

Forgetting color psychology

Color psychology

Choosing brand colors for your logo is one of the most important design decisions business owners have to make.

When you’re deciding on a primary color for your brand, be sure to always think about color psychology. Color psychology is the study of how color affects human behavior and mood. For example, the McDonalds logo uses yellow as the dominant color. According to color psychology, bright yellow, red and orange colors tend to make people hungry.

Consider how your brand’s values, objectives and personality can be conveyed in different colors.

Forgetting how your logo will be printed

It is important for your logo design to look good on social media. The existing design must be different and catch the attention of the audience on the mobile screen. But not only that, you also have to pay attention to how your logo will be printed later. Your branding should work well in several promotional materials such as flyers, business cards, custom stickers, labels and decals.

One thing you should pay attention to is that the design on the web uses the RGB (red, green and blue) color format while if you want to print OGO, the color format used is CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key black). You should learn the difference between CMYK and RGB.

Using the wrong file during the design process.

After you have determined the colors, you can now start designing. But wait a minute, you also have to specify that your design document must be in the form of a raster image or vector image.

Raster images use pixels that you often see on web pages because they are created from photos or scans and have colors that blend seamlessly with each other.

While vector images are used for documents or designs with the aim of being printed. Vector does not use any pixels. So that regardless of how big or small the design you want to print, it will still look smooth and not lose quality.

A good printing partner will help and explain, and even suggest if something is wrong with your file.

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