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Know These 5 Tips Before Deciding to Print a Sticker

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Sticker printing is one of the list of plans needed by business people. They need sticker printing for business purposes. Like to provide information on product packaging. But before deciding to print stickers, you should know the following important things.

Know Size

Sticker printing won’t work out well if you don’t know about the size needed. It is very important to know a size of sticker before printing it. Especially the stickers that will be used on the packaging. There are several sizes that are intended for different packaging. For example, bottles and jars have different sizes, as well as stickers on other packages. All must match the size of the packaging to be used. Don’t let the packaging and stickers look far from your expectations.

Know the Material Type

Another most important thing is to know the type of material on the sticker before deciding to print a sticker. There are several types of materials that you can use. It all depends on the type of business you set up. For example, for the type of beverage business, you can use a type of sticker with a type of vinyl material.

Vinyl material is very suitable for use on packaging that tends to get wet more often, such as beverage bottles and other packaging. if you choose dry packaging, you can use other types of sticker material such as chromo sticker material, or craft. But keep in mind that the second type of sticker is not resistant to water or oil, so it is easy to tear.

Know Design

Before deciding to print a sticker, it is highly recommended that you prepare your own design. If you want to have a sticker that is different from competitors, you can prepare a design and color beforehand. But if you don’t want to bother, you can leave it entirely to the designer to provide the best design or you can see these stickers ideas. Actually it will be much more interesting if you prepare it yourself. So that you know what you need for stickers on packages or labels and so on.

Know the Information to Be Provided

Many do not know that it is very important to provide signals to consumers. Provide effective information on stickers. Such as business name, bpom code, and other important information. one of them is information about the good used or expired date of a product. As we know, there are several business actors who separate the sticker between the logo and the expiration date.

Though this will make consumers a little more confused. For this reason, information must be informative and practical. One look, consumers will get some of the desired information. Not only product names, but other important information. This should be an important concern for those of you who have a business and want to print labels, logos or other stickers.

Know the Persheet Price

Don’t let you feel cheated by the price and the results because you don’t know how much the sticker costs per sheet. In order to avoid anything that is detrimental, you need to know in advance about the price before printing stickers. That way you can prepare the right budget to print stickers the way you want. You can find out the price of printing stickers in just one click. Like MK Printing Bali which provides convenience for its consumers. You will more quickly and easily find out in detail about all the costs of your business needs.

You can consider the five things above before deciding to print stickers. Because it is very important and must be known. Because when you don’t know some of these things, it will make it difficult for you to determine what type of sticker you want to use.

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