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4 Powerful Way to Get Positive Reviews from Customers

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So we’ve talked about how to maintain customers loyalty and satisfaction. Basically, a happy customer will give positive reviews without ask first. But sometimes we need to fish the fishes. So here’s 4 powerful tips to get positive reviews from customers.

Why it is important? In the era of technology, and with the help of Google My Business, reviews are important. It’s like MoW marketing with technology.

So, let’s start with these 3 tips.

Make it easy to write a review

Position yourself as a customer. You are definitely reluctant to write a positive review if the access and place to write is impractical? Therefore, provide a place to write reviews that is easy for customers.

For example, you can use Google My Business free features to get your business up top on the search engine.

Or you can play with User Generated Contents from Social Media like Instagram and Facebook. To be more business-like, you can use form or polling system.

Offer a privilege for reviewers

The trick to attracting positive reviews for the brand is to give the lure of rewards to customers who have left reviews.

This can be made even more specific by rewarding customers who offer positive reviews for the your brand.

Examples of rewards that are most often given are product purchase discounts to study coupons with a certain nominal amount.

Request direct reviews from customers

The last tips to get positive reviews is to directly ask for positive reviews from customers.

You can send an e-mail containing a request for testimonials about the brand to customers who have bought or tried the quality of your products.

Another thing to ask is by using staff, communicate well in a friendly manner and ask for reviews. Give your staff bonus per 5 star reviews, in this case your staff will be more eager and in other way you don’t trade coupon for reviews.

Create a reminder, sign, or poster

The silent way to ask for customers reviews is by custom printing the sign or poster asking for reviews.

Positive Reviews from Customers

Place the sign strategically near the customers, make sure the customers see this. By doing this, you are giving psychological effect to customers.

So, those are the explanation of the tricks to get positive reviews for brands. If you want your brand to become a big brand and be filled with positive reviews, remember to always never give up and not be discouraged in developing your existing brand.

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