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What is GSM Paper? Learn More Here

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Ever heard when trying to print something the customer service asks 80 gsm? 190 gsm? What is that mean? In short, GSM represents grams per square meter.? In short, GSM represents grams per square meter.

There are thousands of different types of paper and cardboard with different characteristics. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper.

Is this all? Well knowing GSM can make you choose the best paper for your need. A good printing company can suggest you which GSM is perfect, but learning new thing like is always a good idea, so let’s do it here.

What is GSM Paper?

Understanding GSP can help you more precisely specify exactly what you want, whether for business cards, flyers, posters, signs, stickers or any other type of printed cards & paper.

GSM stands for grams per square meter.

It is calculated like this “no matter the length or width of the paper, the weight is taken from the square meter sheet”.

With that in mind, the 55 gsm is much lighter and thinner than 400gsm. The 300 gsm paper will be more heavy, thick and more durable.

Why GSM Matter?

Knowing the ideal GSM for your card and paper product can help you make a good decision regarding design and how it will be used.

The idea is some paper with lighter weight is best suited for specific applications, goes the same way with heavy and more thick paper.

Example, you don’t what your business cards look cheap and not durable because it is very important and are used many times. Using heavy, thick paper, and more durable paper is suitable for this kind of printing.

GSM Paper Classifications

There are lots of various standards and classification for GSM paper. But here are the lists so you can understand better:

  1. 35 – 55 gsm : the lightest type of paper
  2. 75 – 90 gsm : used in sketchpads or notebooks
  3. 90 – 100 gsm : most of the printed paper
  4. 120 – 140 gsm : most movie posters or promotional posters
  5. 210 – 300 gsm : used for magazing covers, high quality flyers
  6. 350 – 450 gsm : used for cardstock, suitable for premium business cards and invitations

GSM and Paper Size: What’s the difference?

GSM is the weight – the thickness of the paper, while paper size like A3, or A4 is for the paper size.

You can have A3 paper size in various gsm above (depends on the availability of the printing company).

Along with paper weight, you also need to make sure you order the correct size for your project or product.

For instance, most business cards come in a standard size, as do brochures, books, and business letters.

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