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5 Inspirative Packaging For Clothing Design

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If you are in clothing line business, then you should have an unique way to package your products. Clothing packaging are unique, creative, cool and beautiful definitely can make people want to come back to buy up all the clothes in their stores.

Do you know why custom clothing packaging design is an important part of your branding? And how to incorporate it in your overall branding strategy? We have collected 5 clothing packaging designs that bring the clothing industry to the next level. With creative designs, all of these packaging can prove that not all packaging must be thrown away.


Ecotube, the name itself says that it’s an ecofriendly packaging. The reason behind it? well, let’s see the design team response

“Clothing in more than 90% companies go to the plastic bags, then packed in carton boxes by styles and sizes, and then transported to the wholesalers / stores. Before get the shelf, every thing need to extract and pierce to add a protective magnetic chip. it takes a lot of time and money – therefore, pay for a group of people. In less than 10% of the shops are packed things in to large plastic bags or baskets, clothes messed up and need to collect, divided into types, models, sizes and designs and also mark / protect by the magnetic chip. The system is imperfect, things are damaged during unpacking and pierced (protected chips) in stores. The entire process takes a lot of time. There is a simple solution”

Organic Tote Bag

This 2022 still focus on ecofriendly packaging. By using tote bag, you can also make sure your packaging will always be used by the people for everyday carry/activities. Plus one for branding purposes.

Paper Wrap

This one perfect for small clothing line like socks, knits, hats, tee. Simple and elegant design but still taking on eco-friendlly packaging.

Box Packaging

Box packaging will always be number one choose for clothing packaging, you can play around with the ideas/design to make it standout. Just like this colorful design idea.

Mailer Packaging

Polymailer is a great alternative. Play around with the colors that match your brand, also the captions to make it unique. If you are into ecofriendly, you can choose ecofriendly polymailer that is made from cassava.

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