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5 Essential Things in “New Normal” That Can Be Used for Branding Purposes

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The only thing that distinguish human is idea. Even with this pandemic & New Normal things going on ~ you could still use idea to spread your brand awareness. Here we list that 5 ideas on how you can still advertise your brand in this New Normal Era.

As the COVID-19 Vaccines has yet to be found, we are forced –soon to be our normal- to live with it and by maintaining hygiene & healthy lifestyle.

And by maintaining hygiene means there are several items & things that we will have to wear, carry, or keep in our bag. A must items that most people in this world will use it and a great media to advertise your brand, and still helping those who need these items.


new normal
Custom Mask by MK Printing Bali

Mask is a must! Even in most countries, mask is regulated items that you have to wear all the time. Take an example of Bali COVID-19 measures where you can see banner all along the street saying you must wear mask.

There was a time where Masks become rare and hard to get for some people – even pricey. But with custom Masks, put your brand on it, and give to those in needs – or your employees – will help spread your brand awareness. Mask is used worldwide!

Hand Sanitizer

As we are required to wash hand like every minutes. You will see this portable hand sanitizer is good for brand awareness and still helping those in needs.

Even in business places like restaurant, mall, market, a big dispenser pump for hand sanitizer is put in front of the places so people can wash their hands before allowed to enter. Putting your logo on those things are great for brand awareness.


While some people willing to wash their hands before coming into business places or any places, there are people that just hate the routine of washing hands like every minutes.

They sometimes choose Gloves, while it is not medical gloves, this gloves is good to help not spreading covid-19 (as long as you use & wash it properly).

Also for Indonesian – Bali Market, most workers especially those who ride motorbike use gloves to help them not get tanned on their hand. If you are into this market, custom gloves is one way to advertise!

Water Bottle

Custom water bottle by MK Printing Bali

Water bottle might be expensive for some brand to be used for free advertising. But there are custom Bottle that is cheap and good. Put your logo on it, and again gives back to community instead!

Bag Pouch / Drawstring

Custom drawstring bag by MK Printing Bali

So we’ve listed those new normal things people will have to bring and use all day. How could they bring all those things? Well of course the answer is a bag.

Choose Custom drawstring pouch, you can customize the size & put your logo on it. Don’t use any plastic bags to promote your brand because most of the countries banned plastics bags, like in Bali.

Drawstring pouch can be used as an alternative to packaging as well. We’ve seen and work with clients that use pouch as a way to promote their brand as an eco-green brand.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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