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4 Branding Tips Through Giveaway!

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “giveaway”? Most of us would imagine an event where there would be a lot of competition for a certain item. As a businessman, you might think that a giveaway is an event for brands to express their gratitude to loyal customers who have been doing business with them for a long time, while also looking for new target markets. The stigma is not entirely wrong, however, there is one more thing a giveaway can do for your brand: yep, branding! Curious? Scroll down for more info!

Gift Gift Gift!

Imagine yourself about to enter a giveaway. What will you look for when you see a giveaway event? Yep, definitely the item that is used as a giveaway. Now reverse your position as a brand that is holding a giveaway. Surely you want the giveaway event that you are holding to be crowded with people participating, right? To make that happen, you have to choose products that attract the attention of customers.

The giveaway prize is 100% must follow your brand/business products. Afraid of not getting much traffics/impression because of the prize? Try collaborating with more brand/business to get more outstanding prizes for giveaway!

Note The Requirements!

When holding a giveaway, you will definitely enter certain conditions for people who want to participate. Tag at least five people, like, follow, post on their instastories are some examples of conditions that are commonly used to take part in giveaways. Do you know? These conditions can be the right moment for your brand to appear on other people’s homepages. By using your customer’s story, mutual Instagram from your followers will see your business account and this is an opportunity for you to interest potential new customers.

Caption + Hashtag

To make your giveaway event lively and lively, you can use captions and hashtags that can attract more Instagram users. Use hashtags that have a high user rate so it’s easy for someone to find you. By using the right hashtags, the opportunity for your posts to be seen by other users. Make attractive images so that people are interested in clicking on posts

Not For Hunters

When holding a giveaway, not infrequently, the participants who are busy participating are people who are not your brand customers. Often the account used is also an account that specifically participates in a quiz. They are often referred to as “hunters”. Hunter is an active person on Instagram looking for giveaways, promos and quizzes. They will only follow your account temporarily, until when the time limit is over, they will usually unfollow. As a businessman, before determining the list of participants who will take part in the giveaway, you must first conduct a survey to check whether the account is a hunter account.

Remember, you are actually holding a giveaway as a form of gratitude to your brand’s loyal customers while also looking for target markets that have the opportunity to become your customers. If you win a hunter account, then you will disappoint the people who really took your giveaway seriously. Besides that, winning a hunter account will not have a positive impact on your brand. Hunter accounts will not be able to introduce your brand to their Instagram followers because the average hunter account follower is an inactive fake account. So don’t forget to always check first!

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