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The 3 Most Used Tote Bag Materials in 2022

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There are lots of tote bag materials out there and making your own custom tote bag could be an hassle, but you can read more on our blog post about personalizing your own custom tote bag because there is more detailing post about tote bag materials.

In this post we will talk more about 3 types of tote bag and the 3 most materials used in making tote bag.

Tote Bag Materials


One bag that we often encounter everyday is a canvas tote bag. This bag is easy to carry, and strong enough to carry heavy loads for daily activities.

Canvas material is made of cotton or linen. Cotton is made from the cotton plant while linen is made from the hemp plant.

The canvas fabric construction is very sturdy. Is a plain woven fabric and is a strong fabric to withstand the load. Canvas tote bags are becoming popular because they are cheap and durable. This is the reason why canvas tote bags always remain the top choice.


Has another name gauze or cheesecloth. This tote bag material is strong and durable, but can shrink if washed in hot water. The lack of textile bleaching process makes it eco-friendly.

What is the difference between calico and canvas? The calico when held is a bit rougher and thinner. While the canvas material is thicker and smoother.


Polyester material is made using chemical reactions involving coal, petroleum, water and air. This polyester is water resistant. If it gets dirty, the polyester tote bag can be easily wiped.

Tote Bag Styling

At first the tote bag was only used for shopping. But now tote bags are widely used for various activities. Ranging from leisure activities to work.


Created a relaxing event. Designed with colors, illustrations and unique designs. Able to carry a lot of things when traveling or shopping.


Designed by designer bags and quality leather make the tote bag more classy. Luxury accessories are often added to this bag. It can be used for casual, formal or traveling occasions.

Beach Days

This tote bag is adapted for activities at the beach. The material is already ready to face the scorching heat, sea water, and beach sand. Patterned with bright colors. And large enough to carry holiday equipment on the beach such as glasses, sunblock, to extra clothes.

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