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MK Printing Bali Supports Be-Da for Local Business

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On June 3, 22, BEDO launched BANGGA BEDO, which are local MSME food products that have been certified.

BEDO (Business & Export Development Program) is a non-profit organization that was initiated to provide professional training to MSMEs in the fields of packaging design, product development, marketing, exhibitions, corporate management strategies both locally and internationally, etc.

Astragraphia in partnership with MK (Marga Kiranna) Printing Bali is committed to participating in advancing MSMEs in Bali and Indonesia in general. We print the best quality MSME product packaging to make the product look more professional.

Let’s find a variety of BEDO products at Tokopedia – Bedo Official. I just tried the tester, it’s all delicious

Oh yes, 3 of BANGGA BEDO’s products have been marketed in Singapore, you know. Great, Indonesian MSMEs 👍

Let’s support our community
Let’s go forward together 🙏🏻

Tanggal 3 Juni 22 BEDO meluncurkan BANGGA BEDO yaitu produk2 makanan lokal UMKM yang sudah bersertifikasi .

BEDO (Business & Export Development Program) ini merupakan organisasi non profit yang digagas untuk memberikan pelatihan profesional kepada UMKM dalam bidang desain kemasan, product development, pemasaran, pameran, strategi manajemen perusahaan baik skala lokal & internasional, dll.

Astragraphia bermitra dgn MK (Marga Kiranna) Printing Bali berkomitmen untuk ikut memajukan UMKM di Bali & Indonesia pada umumnya. Kami mencetak kemasan produk UMKM berkualitas terbaik agar tampilan produk menjadi lebih profesional.

Yuk temukan beragam produk BEDO di Tokopedia – Bedo Official. Tadi saya sempet coba testernya enak2 semua 😋

Oh ya 3 dr produk BANGGA BEDO sdh dipasarkan di Singapura lho. Hebat ya UMKM Indonesia 👍

Mari dukung komunitas kita
Mari maju bersama 🙏🏻#banggabedo #dukungumkm #supportyourcommunity #banggaindonesia🇮🇩

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