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Explaining Digital Printing on Fabrics in Bali (2020)

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If you ever wonder where to get digital printing direct to fabric with outstanding result? Well, at MK Printing Bali we also offer digital printing on fabrics using the best technology to ensure you get high quality results!

This article will help you on understanding what need to know about digital printing on fabrics, such as the material, the results, and our technology!

In this era where technology has advanced, the printing technique also adapts to the growing of machinery!

Even tho silk screen and more traditional way still in use until today – and probably will always be – there comes digital printing (direct to garment and direct to fabrics) with all its advantages to help fulfill commodity needs that silk screen and DTG couldn’t.

Direct to garment and direct to fabrics may have the same technique, digital printing. But these two are different in other ways. We will talk about direct to garment later in another article.

So let’s start on all the things you need to know about digital printing on fabrics!

Direct printing to fabrics

Digital printing to fabric is the same as digital textile printing. Think of digital printing as printing paper from a printer except on a larger scale with inks specifically made for fabrics.

The main benefit of doing this is that multiple color palettes allow people to recreate almost anything.

This is the ultimate process that requires artwork that needs to be computerized and printed directly onto the surface of the garment.

digital printing on fabrics
digital printing on fabric

Looks great right? but there are few things to know before you decide to go with direct digital printing textile.

Why choose digital Printing on fabrics

We could list lots of advantages of doing digital printing direct to fabrics, but these are the most important things.

Consider these things before choosing digital textile printing on your projects:

  • Easy to print various colours.
  • Changeable data and personalisation options.
  • Minimum set up costs.
  • The design does not bump out.
  • Good for short runs.
  • Suited on a light coloured base

The downside using digital printing on fabrics is that because the ink does not spread as the image is directly printed on the fabric, so it tends to lose or fade its colour quickly.

The Material

Not all materials are good to be printed using digital print method. The vital difference between the traditional and digital printing technique is the type of materials that can be printed on.

Most of the time -the technology as well- can only print on 100% cotton.

But at MK Printing Bali, we have the latest technology that can print directly to these kinds of fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Canvas
  • Rayon
  • Poly Lycra
  • Micro Stretch

The Ink

Another thing to note about digital printing on fabric is the ink used for printing.

In general there are 4 kinds of ink used in textile printing:

  1. Reactive Ink. Best used for printing cotton, viscose, linen, rayon and silk with outstanding quality
  2. Disperse Ink. Best used for directly printing onto polyester fabric
  3. Acid Ink. Best used for nylon and silk material.
  4. Pigment Ink. Best used for cotton, nylon, silk, polyster.

Any type of ink has different materials and purposes.

At MK Printing Bali, we use Reactive dye ink because it can be printed on so many materials available with high quality results.

In addition, our ink is water based and has passed Global Textile Standard (GOTS) 5.0.

We use water based ink because of its versatility and ability to print a wide range of items, and it is environmentally friendly printing option.

The Products

You can create various products using digital printing on fabrics such as starting up fashion label, custom mask, or selling your design on printed fabrics. Because basically the fabrics can be made into anything.

Digital Fabric Printing in Bali

If you are looking for digital printing on fabrics in Bali, wondering where to get best printing shop for cloth fabric textile printing in Bali, then your wonder is now real!

MK Printing Bali, we also offer digital printing on fabrics using the best technology to ensure you get high quality results! Click below to get free quotes and consultation!

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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