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Polymailer: A Great Alternative for Packaging in 2020.

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Most of the fashion label – retail businesses – face the same problem. Shipping Cost. There are many strategies to cut shipping as low as possible. One of the solution is to use polymailer as an alternative for custom packaging.

So in this article, we will explain what is poly mailer, why it is a great alternative for packaging, the pros and cons using poly mailer, and is poly mailer eco-friendly or not.

What is Poly Mailer?

Polymailer is a plastic wrapping envelope commonly used for packaging or storing goods to make it safer and more protected.

Polymailer or plastic envelope is a type of packaging for goods. It is made of Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic material. The imprint on poly mailers allows to better expose your logo or create a coherent line of packaging.

This packaging is usually used by online retailers and shops to deliver their products more safely and neatly. This plastic has strong properties, is not easily torn and is safe to protect the items that are packaged in it and weather conditions like rain or high humidity.

Polymailer is usually used to package shipments such as documents and letters. Not only that, the use of polymailer can also be used to package cloth, towels, books or other products with small dimensions.

custom polymailer by mk printing
custom polymailer by mk printing bali

Guide to use Polymailer?

Polymailers are one of the most popular and cost-efficient solutions to ship e-commerce goods today.

You can save money in producing them, and help customers getting affordable shipping options. Thus, can increase your conversion rate.

To make it easier, here are the pros of using polymailer:

  • Affordable to make and to choose
  • Save your warehouse spaces
  • Used worldwide and commonly
  • Easy to customize with your brand
  • Durable, strong, weather-proof, and come in different size and material
  • Eco-friendly

However there is no one-fit solution for all problem. So does Polymailer. It is really good for fashion label and some other products like:

  • Apprel
  • Fabrics and yarns
  • Art and prints
  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Accessories

But we will help you understand by listing down all the things not suitable to use Polymailer:

  • Fragile contents/products such as jewelry, skincare, and toys.
  • More than one items to be shipped because it can damage your products.
  • Products larger than Polymailer.

Is it eco-friendly?

One important question about polymailer is “it is safe and eco-friendly?”

As a matter of fact, yes! Polymailer is safe and enviroment friendly. But the way it is being recycled sometimes make people think it is not eco-friendly.

The reason being is because recycling polymailer is not as easy as card boxes. But still it can be done!

So the answer is yes. The use of polymailer is environmentally friendly because it decomposes quickly compared to other plastic wraps. You can be an eco-friendly business and use poly mailers as packaging solution.

Can I custom print Polymailer?

Yes you can! Customized packaging is a growing trend and with Polymailer you can achieved that! You can add more value to your polymailer packaging by order custom printing. Put your logo, or brand value for the design.

At you can print Poly Mailers according to your business needs. You can choose from a variety of sizes and dimensions of this plastic envelope. You can also increase the product branding value by printing your logo or design on custom Polymailer plastic easily.

We have White and Black as base color and available in different sizes (incl. +/- 4 cm flap):

  • 17x30cm
  • 20x30cm
  • 25x35cm
  • 28x42cm
  • 35x45cm
  • 40x60cm

In addition, all our poly mailers feature a self-adhesive strip to speed up the shipping process.


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