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9 Business Cards Design to Inspire You

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Businesses can be successful in many ways, with promotions, personal recognition, and advertising. To do publicity, business owners can use social media or marketing with exhibitions. Meanwhile, businesses can advertise through promotions offered by some social media, tv media, or billboards. 

However, introducing the business straight is quite a time and effort. Why? You necessitate presenting what your business seems. To be remembered and still exist, companies mostly use business cards, both personally and in general. Using a business card or business card can make it easier for you to introduce your business to the layman. Your potential clients will get to know you and use the services you offer. 

However, using a boring business card won’t get you to attract a lot of clients either. Your potential clients won’t be interested in monotonous card models. Thus, here are nine business card design ideas that you can choose to upgrade the quality of your business cards.

Card-shaped Design

Business cards don’t always have to be rectangular with sharp angles. This design will make it very easy for you to introduce your business. Its shape that looks like an atm card will not hurt you. Its four blunt corners will make your business card look unique. In addition, your business card will be made thicker than a typical card.

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Horizontal Card Type

photo by MkPrintingbali,com

If usually, the business card is vertical-rectangular. Then the design idea this time is a card-shaped horizontally rectangular. This form is very different from the others. You can add a variety of additional ornaments such as aesthetic images and your products. For example, you can use vintage themes for your clothing business or ornament business.


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The idea of designing a business card is quite different from others. Generally, business cards are card-shaped. However, you can create stamp-shaped business cards. By providing a blank card or paper, all you have to do is stamp it on it. Besides being easy below, this will attract the attention of your potential clients, especially if your profession is graphic design.

Business-greeting Card

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Here is unique! You can use a business card in the form of a reciprocal greeting card as shown in the photo. In addition to writing down your contact that can be contacted, you can add your mini portfolio as an example of a work you’ve created. This card will attract the attention of your potential clients and will think that you are a very creative and innovative person. For example, for clothing businesses, food businesses, or stationery staff businesses – you can try using a card model like this.

Shaped Card

photo by

Pretty Cool! It’s one of the most impressive business card ideas. You should give it a try! You can form your business card similar to the product or service you sell. One example in the photo, a business card similar to a machine will make your client immediately realize that you are a mechanic or the like. You can try with the shape of clothes, food or whatever you have to offer.

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Instagram Business Card

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Hear here! Here is yours! Without express to your business card, you can display your business social media on a business card. By exposing your contacts, social media, and portfolios into one in a card. Here catches the attention of your potential clients. You don’t need to write down the account name; show it. Interesting, isn’t it? The shape of this card is very different from the others. In addition, you can choose the design according to your taste, without the need to display the entire contents of your social media.

Square-shaped Card

photo by

Business cards are not just rectangular. You can use a square model like this. Mini and funny. It is suitable if you run you like flower or vintage themes and such. Still, You can change the design based on your taste in line with the business you are running.

Map-shaped Card

photo by

It’s so unique! There is no need to be shaped like a card in general. Map-shaped cards can also be the most eye-catching thing. You can change the size and design by entering contact and address information in one card. In addition, you can show a map of where your office is located. Here will exceedingly grab your clients’ attention and make it easier for them to get to your office location. 

Circle-shaped Card

photo by

Calm! Business cards aren’t always square or rectangular. You can use a circle model like this. It’s very eye-watering. You will attract many clients to your business. You can display the introduction of your business and your contact information. You could also change the design to your style!

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