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4 Packaging Mistakes; Avoid and Try to Fix Them

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Packaging mistakes are usual cases that occur if you running a business. Packaging is a very crucial final stage in running a business. Packaging that relies on the creation of beauty will bring consumers to hit at the products we sell. Additionally, packaging also serves to protect every commodity during the delivery process to reach consumers. However, some packaging company does not pay attention to the detailed function of the packaging, so the packaging used leads to damage to the product itself. In some cases, some errors in packaging will not be fatal. Still, the slightest mistake in packaging will damage the image of a business. 

As a business owner, paying attention to product packaging is essential to avoid mistakes that can damage the product. Like some packaging mistakes; Avoid and try to fix them.

Not Protecting

One of the mistakes in packaging is not using enough protection. Using packaging is absolute to protect the product until it arrives at the consumer. However, cases in using packaging like this still occur a lot. Some business owners still consider base issues like this. Products sold sometimes come in a state of disrepair, loss, even can not be used.

You can avoid the cases by using extra protection will help keep your product awake during the shipping process. You can use bubble wrap that suits the product, packaging with wood, or using pipes if the product is metal. That reduces product damage and protects the product during the delivery process. 

Using the Wrong Packaging

Another mistake in packaging is using the wrong packaging. That is a pretty crucial mistake. If you are a beginner in running a business, avoid using perishable and overlapping packaging. Using the erroneous packaging will make the product unprotected. One of the mistakes is to use cardboard for fragile products without bubble wrap; it will be risky. 

You can avoid that by noticing the size, strength, and durability of each package. When using carton packaging, the strength and durability of packaging are very important. Or, if using plastic packaging, providing extra protection is necessary. That will be very helpful in protecting your product during the shipping process.

Packaging Waste

Another one in general packaging error is packaging waste. You could notice some mistake like this when your product should need 20% of the box, but you use more than that. Not only is this highly inefficient, but you’ll leave plenty of air space in product packaging. In addition, this will potentially damage your product when it doesn’t have enough buffers in it. Using too much packaging will also add to the packaging waste increasing and potentially damaging the environment. 

If you do this, your customers will have a lot of trouble having to generate more junk. You also tend to be the subject of ridicule on social media and lose sales in the future. In addition, It will be a waste of time in the packaging process. Your customers will also spend a lot of time in the unboxing process. Too much packaging or sealing; Too much time wasted and waste generated.

You can prevent this by considering each of your products. You need to notice the needs of your product, the size, and the strength of your product. Make sure your product doesn’t overpack beyond the requirements. Do your best by considering brighter packaging and not harming the planet by wasting unnecessary packaging materials. 

Using Improper Packaging Techniques

The other mistake is using improper packaging techniques. When the box you use for your product is correct, the packaging techniques can be a problem. Why is that? That could be a problem when you use different ways of your product. For example, when sending fragile items, it is highly recommended to fill the space between them. The packaging you use can be attractive, yet, when you miss such a specific technique, your product will end up broke.

You can avoid this kind of mistake by paying attention to every product you sell, be careful if the product is fragile. Always include some filler or divider. You also need to pay attention that shipping policies and prices are subject to change every year. So make sure you pay attention to what you get to avoid unpleasant things later on. That can help you to upgrade your packaging and shipping level. Take care to increase your chances of success.

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