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Things That Must Be Included in a Business Card

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Don’t take a business card as one eye. If you believe in the power of first impressions, then don’t ignore the impact your business cards have on clients. Make the face of your company count.

If you are planning to design your own business card, take a quick look at some of the things you MUST include in this business card:

Logo is an important element that must be in every business material. The use of logos on business cards is very important, namely as the identity of the owner of the business card and the main gate in introducing products, services and yourself to the general public.

But make sure you avoid these mistakes in creating your own business logo.

Contact Info

A business card is a reflection of your identity, so it is very effective to include all personal contact details. If people say, do not know, then do not love. By exchanging business cards, it will be easier for clients to contact you.


A well-designed business card will make a significant and professional impression when you give it to a client for the first time. Customize the business card design with the character of the company, product, service, and yourself. An attractive design will certainly make you memorable for clients.


One thing to note is in choosing the best material. For eco-friendly business, it’s always best to use eco-friendly material such as FSC paper.

If you already have a business card design to your liking, MK Printing Bali is ready to print your business card!

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