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3 Reasons Why Brochures Are Still Important in 2022

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No one can deny how important digital marketing is; which at the same time creates intense competition in the market. In fact, it’s now quite difficult to get the attention of consumers because they either look away from their screens or choose another brand over yours. In this case, marketing brochures can be the best marketing tool.

Not sure? Here are some statistics to answer your doubts about whether the brochure is still relevant.

  • 7 out of 10 tourists, also visitors from trade shows, tend to pick up brochures
  • 95% of visitors who have received the brochure know about a business
  • 80% of those people consider visiting the business they see in the brochure.

These statistics clearly show that brochures are not out of date in today’s paperless era. But a question arises, how effective are brochures in the world of marketing? To answer that, here are some reasons why brochures are still very important and effective.


New companies rarely have an excessive budget to market their products or services. They have to make branding circulation within a mediocre budget. When compared to online marketing tools, brochures are an effective marketing option.

You can work with a professional graphic designer to create a brochure design at an affordable price. There are many businesses out there that participate in trade shows using brochures printed in bulk.

Focused and consistent branding

If the ad is out, then it won’t take long to forget. This is certainly true when it comes to digital marketing. But brochures provide a long duration of exposure to your brand.

Consumers tend to take flyers home so it’s easy for them to recall your brand and build a brand identity. All information contained in the brochure is for business needs, products or services.

Reach the target audience

A marketing brochure ensures that you reach your target audience, as long as you get the address right. Of course you can target your online prospects as well, but chances are high that your ad will go unrecognized or even be ignored. On the other hand, brochures placed under the door are certainly hard not to recognize. The easiest example is the takeaway menu from a fast food restaurant.

The three reasons above are proof of how effective brochures are for a business, regardless of the times and technological developments. If you are interested in marketing your business, product or service with effective brochure ‘technology’, don’t hesitate to contact MK Printing Bali, a digital printing company with experience in printing various promotional materials.

Just say hi and our team will be happy to assist you! Free quotes and free consultation on any projects!

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