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5 Tips on Choosing Food Packaging in Bali (2020)

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food packaging

Choosing food packaging for the culinary business should not be arbitrary. You have to choose the right type of food packaging. There are various types of food packaging according to their function. Such as paper bowls, standing pouches, food trays, and so on.

Paper bowls, can be used for soupy or wet types of food, but it’s different from food trays. Types of food packaging such as food trays cannot be used for fortified foods. Each food packaging has a different shape, type and function.

Here’s how to choose food packaging for the culinary business.

Pay attention to shape

First you have to pay attention to the shape of the packaging. Consider, whether this is suitable or not with the business. Do not choose because of the cute shape, but must pay attention to the function of the packaging. Each form of packaging must be considered before choosing it.

Pay attention to size

Pay attention to the size of the food packaging to fit the product. Packaging is more attractive and good if the size is adjusted. The right size, can make consumers comfortable in carrying it. This applies to those of you who have a culinary business without eating on the spot. Size selection must be considered.

Material Selection

It is very important to choose food packaging materials. Because it must be adjusted to the menu that is served. Packaging with waterproof material, suitable for food with soup or wet and most importantly meets international standard.

Aluminum foil is suitable for airtight dry food. Meanwhile, paper materials such as food trays are used for dry food in the form of french fries, fried sausages, sandwiches, and so on.

Packaging Design

Packaging design influences the culinary business. Especially the color selection in the design. Choose a natural packaging color but still look fresh to attract consumers’ attention. After that, select the type of information that will be printed on the packaging.

The information on the packaging is very useful for consumers. You can provide the product validity date, composition, production location, BPOM code, and other important information.

Choose Food Packaging Supplier in Bali

Lastly, you must choose a printing place. It would be best if you choose a food packaging supplier that can do all. Like supply the packaging and ca do custom printing for your branding purposes.

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