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Christmas is Coming, Here are MK Printing Bali Gift Ideas

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Christmas is coming, time to gift shopping to your friends, or business partners. You can find various alternative gift options at MK Printing Bali! You can buy all of these alternative prizes in units! Curious about the alternative gift options? Just scroll your thumb down!

Custom Journal

Like to gift a diary to a friend? Now, you can gift an even more special diary, namely the Gratitude Journal! Gratitude Journal is a journal that has a Thematic Planner and Monthly Planner which will make it easier for you to plan your daily activities and also your goals.

Metallic Leather Agenda

Have you ever seen an agenda with metallic skin? The Metallic Leather Agenda is the perfect gift for those of you who are looking for a unique, classy gift. This is because the Metallic Leather Agenda uses Fancy PU Metallic leather, so the surface of the cover looks shiny like metallic.


In today’s era, there are many payment methods that use virtual money. It can’t be denied anymore, you must have a virtual money account right? Then, why not give e-money with a beautiful design? If you like gifts that are useful and practical.

Stationery Kit

Might be wondering why? But these stationery kits are perfect for Christmas Gift (hampers) rather than food. Good for branding for your business as these things will always be used.

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