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Tips for Designing Hang Tags For Your Business

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If you are in the clothing industry or just starting your fashion brand, you certainly need a good hang tag as a tool that can influence consumer decisions to buy your product. If the sign of the goods / tags and looks not good, then this will affect the consumer’s perception of the quality of your product. Therefore, here we share some tips for designing creative Hang Tags that can influence consumer decisions to buy your product:

Make Sure Your Hang Tags Reflect Your Brand

Many clothing marketers are currently circulating in the market, ranging from children’s clothing, men’s and women’s clothing. If you sell clothing products for children, make sure that your Hang Tag is also appropriate. Hang tags for children’s clothes usually use bright colors and have an imaginative impression because they attract the attention of the children themselves.

If you sell clothing products for children who are still toddlers, your Hang Tag must be adapted to their parents. If you sell women’s clothing products for office workers, design your Hang Tag to make it look elegant. If you are into eco-friendly business, then getting eco-friendly hang-tag is mandatory.

Hang Tags can increase consumer perception of your clothing products, so pay attention to them carefully. Always know key demographics and create appropriate Hang Tags. To get ideas in designing Hang Tags to be effective, try to ask your friends, family, and work relatives.

Insert Image In Hang Tag

If you insert an image into a Hang Tag, you can give your customers an idea of ​​what the product would look like if they were used directly by them. You can also use this to describe what other items are suitable for use with the clothing product. For example, if you sell blouses, you can include a picture of a woman wearing a blouse complete with appropriate pants in your product’s Hang Tag.

The images in the Hang Tag can also suggest ways to wear the clothes to consumers, which in turn also affects the purchasing decisions for consumers.

The design of the product Hang Tag can help to attract the attention of consumers in buying products in the clothing industry. Most online and local print shops provide a variety of stock Hang Tag shapes and designs that you can customize to your liking. Their printers also provide the ability to process as many shapes and designs as you want. But it is known that when we want to use the shape we want for our product Hang Tag, the price is around more expensive than the standard Hang Tag shape in general.

When you have the right design, the last thing you have to do is find the right printer to realize your creative design. MK Printing Bali is present as one of the digital printers in Bali that emphasizes quality in every product. Now, it provides Hang Tag printing services through our website to get free consultation as a promotional tool for your business.

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